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Mr Vusi Madonsela, Director-General: There remained some challenges on improvement of synergy and accountability with provinces. The Child Support Grant had its most positive impact on children at the lower ages. The Chairperson thanked the officials. Ms Bogopane-Zulu was concerned by the Service Provider Support and Management programme as there was a lot of outsourcing. Free State was the pilot province and the Western Cape had just been brought into the programme.


Department of Social Development Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Otherwise the target was not realistic. This was one of the grants that was not understood by those who administered the grant.

  1. The Department developed guidelines where provinces needed to identify those areas and try to provide capacity to those communities, together with local government.
  2. He also asked why it merited a specific mention and if it was a statutory body.
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Ms Nhlapo clarified that objectives were listed in the document. She asked what conditionality was attached to the practice of social work.

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It was business plan template gardening issue of convenience and logistics that took it to the major cities. In addition, the financial crisis, coupled with the market volatility and the global economic downturn over the past months, meant that the Department and Treasury were not able to do anything now to offset that cost, other than looking at the forthcoming budget process.

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Ms Nhlapo replied that initially the assessments were done purely by social workers, but because of the shortage of social workers there had been a drive to use social auxiliary workers to undertake those assessments.

Metallgesellschaft case study pdf were serious complaints in terms of resource mobilisation and NPOs in the rural areas were not accessing funding.

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He noted that the Department had identified seven strategic themes: Ms Nxumalo committed to send a full report to the Committee on the Metallgesellschaft case study pdf Worker Scholarships, the failure rate and dropouts and the impact on the programme. The second amendment was because DSD wanted to ensure that provincial social workers were allowed to do adoptions and other sections that were critical for the Child Protection Register.

Programme 2: A number of questions were asked about the raise of the child support grant to fifteen years, and the effect of not paying the grant to all those up to eighteen.

The NGOs insisted that a bureaucracy was created that was dependent on the official at the desk. At the stage of the transfer the progress was that all seven provinces, which now had regional executive offices of SASSA, had been streamlined and standardised.

The fact that they were beyond the compulsory school going age should not give them the incentive to stay away from school. If the system worked, as the Department said it did, why then was it necessary to have the details updated every two years. Some argued that its extension would not be as positive as it would be for children sixteen and seventeen years old.

Social Crime Prevention and Victim Empowerment: There were problems last year with graduates not being absorbed in the provinces.

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The Department was looking at Community Based Care services across provinces to assess compliance in terms of norms and standards for about 90 Community Based Care services; and was also looking at residential care facilities assessed for compliance in terms of norms and standards. Ms Bogopane-Zulu hoped that the social assistance regulations could be finalised this year, when there was interaction with the officials of Business plan template gardening or the Department at a constituency level.

Some unresolved issues stood over for further discussion.

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Mr Pakade concluded by summarising again that the DSD was rededicating itself to the fight against child poverty and to protect children from abuse and other social ills. SASSA had a programme that addressed malnutrition and food security with children, together with Health, for six months supplied at home and also spent time with the mother through other integrated programmes and they did exit after six months.

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The reason for the tremendous increase was the allocation for scholarships. The Department took into consideration that some were orphans and did not have means so would fund one extra year. For the past three years provinces had not asked the Department to declare a disaster, and seemed to have sufficient fiscal capacity.

Social Assistance: Administration Under the programme Strategic, Business plan for department of social development and Business Processes, the Department looked at an Integrated Service Delivery model for the Social Development Sector in order to sharpen the manner in which it delivered the services.

The South African plan of action was an inter-departmental plan of action that involved the role of NGOs and other stakeholder.

Department of Social Development Strategic Plan & Budget /09 | PMG

The ENE related to issues such as the utilisation of venues by the Department, to business plan for department of social development such as advertising, which would include promotional materials, subsistence and travel. There was a long list of Social Services professionals and Community Development Workers of different caps going into the same communities.

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The Department was now, in many instances, doing the work internally. Mr Jehoma replied that they had consistently argued for the extension of the Child Support Grant for children up to the age of eighteen.

Members asked how the Department would assist those affected by the economic hardship, particularly the poor who were worst affected by rising food and fuel, how more could be assisted to access pay points, the means test threshold. This was one unit that had brought several products to the Committee.

Mr Magasela responded that the footprint was urban. Employees should not be part of the scholarship programme but rather part of the budget line of the Department for the employees. The NGOs insisted that a bureaucracy was created that was dependent on the official at the desk.

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The plan was to train Community Development Practitioners CDPs ; to train community-based organisations CBOs on community development practice; to support institutions of higher learning to align their curriculum with Community Development national qualifications NQF Level 5 and 8; to continue profiling households; to reach Wards through mobilisation programmes; and to provide socio-economic support to change agents in targeted wards.

Mr Waters referred to funding to NPOs. The Computing masters personal statement commented that the role of the Population Unit in data collection, duck hunting essay analysis and comprehensive input in policy planning was in question and that it required further discussion.

The agency had the most extensive structure to pay social grants and often pay points were closer to people in rural areas than they were in the urban areas.

Department of Social Development Strategic Plan & Budget 2008/09

The revision was made downwards as DSD was over optimistic about having to deal with appeals that had to be adjudicated within 90 days. The jump from R million to R million for compensation of employees was necessitated due to the new organisational structure in the Department, money was allocated to fund the prioritised posts identified Members raised grave dissertation iv republique that the Department was not training sufficient Social How to start out an essay for a scholarship and that the failure and dropout rate of students in the Social Worker Scholarship Programme was so high.

Department of Social Development on its Strategic Plan | PMG The Department was looking at about work opportunities created, full time equivalents created through the Incentive grants, and non-EPWP jobs created. Of concern was the issue of target setting and the Department was committed to produce a target setting framework that would assist provinces to target better in relation to the population and the demand; and the Department continued to work on the area of risk.

The Chairperson replied that there were no pay points that were in a five kilometres radius of some areas. Ms Bogopane-Zulu was concerned by the Service Provider Support and Business plan for department of social development programme as there was a lot of outsourcing.

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There would be various forms of assistance that would be offered to those who were not at school and were unemployed. Ms Bogopane-Zulu raised the issue of the Disability Grant that was racked with problems.

In the last year it had submitted a report to Treasury during the budget process, that was a study taking into account the impact of inflation over the last decade. However, the students signed a contract as to what was expected from them.

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Mr Magasela responded that government relied very much on the use of consultants. Ms More asked what was the link between that Social Crime Prevention and Victim Empowerment and how it was going to function in terms of the R39 million? DSD, replied that the carry-through costs needed to be noted.