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File size: The figures should be labelled correctly with Arabic numerals e. You may upload your article from the arXiv directly by entering the arXiv e-print number. If you experience any problems submitting your article online, please contact the journal for assistance.


Tables submitted as a PDF or an image file cannot be processed. More guidelines are provided in section English guidelines and house standards.

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Our image processors will then produce the figures from these source files. In order to depoliticize scientific articles, authors should avoid the drawing of borders or use of contested topographical names. You will be asked to provide information on all funders associated with your work. Informal or so-called "grey" literature may only be referred to if there is no alternative from the formal literature.

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The headings of all sections, including introduction, results, discussions or summary must be numbered. Mao was published in Nature Commun.

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The suggested referees should have suitable subject expertise and not have any conflicts of interest please see the IOP ethical policy for journals j chem phys cover letter further information on conflict of interest.

It is not suitable for sharp edges. Reference citations should not be included in this section, unless urgently required, and abbreviations should not be included without explanations. Journal names are abbreviated according to the Journal Title Abbreviations by Caltech Libraryj chem phys cover letter by the volume number, the complete page numbers first and last page and the publication year. thesis j chem phys cover letter

The width should not be less than 8 cm. Units must be written exponentially e. Please see our competing interests policy. Authors are kindly asked to find the best balance between the quality of figures and submitted material on the one hand, and a manageable file size on the other hand.

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Examples for reference sorting In general, in-text citations can be displayed as "[…] Smith […]", or "[…] Smith, […]". Paper featured on the cover of Physical Review Letters Our paper "Solar nanocomposites with complementary charge extraction pathways for electrons and holes: Special issue statement will be included by Copernicus Acknowledgements References Title page: You may upload your article from the arXiv directly by entering cover letter for bank internship with no experience arXiv e-print number.

Chemical Physics Letters

Spaces must be included between number and unit e. W m—2. Table 4.

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Within these three categories the respective papers are then listed as follows: Title concise but informativeauthor first and last names, full institutional addresses of all authors, correspondence email for proofs.

Sample availability: J chem phys cover letter order to facilitate consistency with our language and typesetting guidelines john creswell literature review to the text of the manuscript, please keep the following in mind when producing your figures: However, when the reference comes at the beginning of a sentence, the unabbreviated word "Equation" should essay on my hobby riding bike used, e.

If there are any publication fees to pay for open accesscolour printing or page chargesthese will be made clear to you at the point of submission, and are payable on acceptance for publication.

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Co-author papers: Please note, IOP journals do not charge you to submit an article. Figure captions: After a brief introduction of the topic, the summary recapitulates the key points of the article and j chem phys cover letter possible directions for prospective research.

Please note that the word "Table" is never abbreviated and should be capitalized when followed by a number e. Please search the Open Funder Registry for your funding institutions, and provide grant numbers. Single author papers: Therefore, data sets, movies, animations, or computer programme code should be deposited in FAIR-aligned data repositories and authors are asked to insert a persistent identifier, ideally a DOI, in the manuscript.

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A legend should clarify all symbols used and should appear in the figure itself, rather than verbal explanations in the captions e. Author C is a member of committee Z.

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You are then required to choose between publishing under a gold open access licence or on a subscription basis, to state whether or not you have aqa engineering coursework mark scheme any previously published material in your submission, and to confirm dissertation lean six sigma you would like your accepted manuscript to be made available online within 24 hours of acceptance.

The proposal — led by Giulia Galli U. These references have to be listed alphabetically at the end essay on my hobby riding bike the manuscript under the first author's name. Share this page.

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Authors are encouraged to publicize the data needed to create the plots, which are included in the manuscript, in order to enable reviewers and readers to reproduce the plots. Ideally, such plot data is treated like any j chem phys cover letter research data and should be deposited in FAIR-aligned data repositories that assign persistent identifiers see section data sets.

File size: The overall file size of a supplement is limited to 50 MB.

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Please find more information in the dedicated section below. If absolutely necessary, they should be numbered j chem phys cover letter. Supplements will receive a title page added during the publication process including title "Supplement of"authors, and the correspondence email. The editors reserve the right to insert the label "under dispute" if contested borders are presented. Horizontal lines should normally only appear above and below the table, and as a separator between the head and the cover letter for bank internship with no experience body of the table.

It is vital that you enter this information as it helps you to meet your funder requirements as well as to make your research more discoverable. The abbreviation "Fig. The PDF should contain your complete manuscript, including any embedded figures and tables.