Eutrophication Case Study: The Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico's Hypoxic Zone

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Nitrogen and phosphorus were first used in fertilizers in the United States in the s. Nitrogen is normally a limiting factor, meaning its restricted quantities limit plant growth and reproduction. Algal Blooms Phosphorous, nitrogen, and other nutrients increase the productivity or fertility of marine ecosystem s. The waste from this entire area drains into the Gulf of Mexico through the Mississippi River. Other notable U. Send questions to: Rivers carry greater quantities of water in the spring, along with greater quantities of dissolved nutrients, as euthanasia dissertation title snow melts in northern areas and rainfall increases.


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Wading bird s, such as herons, and mammals, such as sea lions, depend on fish for survival. Expanded dead zones caused by global warming will remain for thousands of years and have harmful long-term effects on ocean ecosystems.

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There, hungry algae have a feeding frenzy on the nutritious muck, and their population explodes. Biology, Environmental Science, and Toxicology.

Even though oxygen can now flow freely through the aquatic ecosystem, the decomposition process uses up almost all of it. Toxins, whether contained in algae or released into open water, can move through ecosystems in a manner similar to the flow of energy or carbon, as a wide variety of animals are known to accumulate biotoxins and act as intermediate vectors to consumers at higher trophic levels; therefore these toxins can have significant and widespread impacts.

The Chesapeake Bay, on the East Coast of the United States, has one of the first dead zones ever identified, in the s. Hypoxic conditions arise when dissolved oxygen levels in the water fall below two milligrams per liter of water, too low to sustain animal life in the bottom strata of the ocean.

Figure 3 shows distribution of agricultural land throughout the United States. Other notable U. These high concentrations of toxic phytoplankton share a complex relationship with hypoxia. They stipendium dissertation uni wien stack like water and oil.

Ecology and Oceanography in the Gulf of Mexico

Toxic effects of a bloom of the diatom Rhizosolenia chunii on shellfish in Port Phillip Bay, southeastern Australia. Jeff Schmaltz, NASA Introduction Dead zones are very low oxygen areas hypoxic in the ocean where marine life including fish, crabs and clams cannot survive.

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Transport, Processing, and Effects on the River Ecosystem. Knockaert, Carolien Cod eat sprats, a small, herring-like species that eat microscopic zooplankton that in turn eat the algae.

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Salt water and fresh water, though similar in appearance, don't mix. Land use in these places affects rewrite my essay for free composition of the Mississippi. Understanding the eutrophication process provides the clearest picture of how and why dead zones develop.

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As algal toxins move the dead zone case study answers marine food webs, a broad spectrum of effects on aquatic organisms in both inshore and offshore habitats results from both chronic and acute exposure, and has been more evident in recent years.

The number and diversity of benthicor bottom-dwelling, species are especially reduced.

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Decreasing storms in late spring and early summer result in calmer water, which prevents the bottom strata of low-oxygen water from mixing with oxygenated surface water. Foam on the beach Phaeocystis bloom Photo credit: He himself also became ill, but was capable of sending an urgent radio message to the US Coast Guard.

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With too many nutrients, however, cyanobacteria grows out of control, which can be harmful. The Black Sea dead zone largely disappeared between and after fertilizers became too costly to use following the collapse of the Sovjet Union and the demise of eastern European economies.


Major concentrations of areas of concern are located along the western coast of Central and South America, and the coastlines of Great Britain and Australia. As they filter water, they absorb microbe s associated with algal blooms.

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The species that do remain in wedding speech sibling area are further threatened by formative essay outline harvesting and are less appealing to consumers fearing disease.

Red Tide In addition to these direct effects, hypoxia may explain another phenomena observed in the northern Gulf of Mexico: Marine Biology, Berlin Human activities have emitted nearly twice as much nitrogen and three times as much phosphorus as natural emissions.

For example, the Black Sea once experienced annual hypoxic events, but is now in a state of recovery.

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