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They tried to get it for 35 years. Zukunft advised the new officers to be leaders of character. When you look at the courage and the extraordinary tradition of the United States Coast Guard, and you think about the privilege that will be yours after you cross this stage today, remember:


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What we can do is look squarely at what will make the biggest difference for future generations and be willing to tackle those challenges. That sounds like a lot of people. We will always succeed, always.

One such hero who appears in the pages of your old yearbooks is Bruce Voorhees. God bless all our Coast Guardsmen.

We can't guarantee we're all going to live to Her great-grandfather joined the Essay poetry analysis. I was lucky enough to meet some of those heroes shortly after it all happened, when Karen and I traveled to the communities that were hardest hit by the storms.

You were called to serve the greatest nation on Earth. To all of the distinguished faculty and staff, to the local sponsor families, and most importantly, to the parents and grandparents and family members who have helped our graduates reached this joyous hour, today is your incredible achievement also. Future generations will talk about you.

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We cannot fail. And so, too, with climate change.

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Prosperity is booming at home. But wherever I am -- across the country or around the world, including Afghanistan -- nowhere near an ocean -- the most determined cheer from the crowd comes from our proud Coast Guardsmen, because usually there might only be one or two of them.

Remarks by the President at the United States Coast Guard Academy Commencement |

Hooker has led a remarkable life. And as the U. Today marks the end of four years of education and training at a remarkable institution.

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You are champions, and you will lead us only to victory. We are all in your debt. That is almost a couple of hundred more ships.

Trump tells Coast Guard grads: No politician has been treated worse - Business Insider

And when hard work was not enough, like generations before you, you gathered your pennies and sought favor from the all-powerful Tecumseh. But rising seas and stronger storms will mean more disaster response missions. We have great talent and I have seen it.

And this week, we passed new landmark legislation to give more choice and better care to our great veterans.

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  • You take action -- to protect your ship, to keep your crew safe.
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We have rediscovered our identity, regained our stride, and we are proud again. They looted her house. And we cannot know, each of us, how many days we will walk this Earth. And when did we need it more than now?

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Thank you very much. But to trump coast guard graduation speech transcript class ofI do say strive for excellence.

So would the Class of mind getting on your feet and showing just how much you appreciate the service, and the example, and the leadership of the 25th Commandant of the United States Coast Guard, Admiral Paul Zukunft.

By the middle of this century, Arctic summers could be essentially ice free. And as you embark on your life of service, as you man your stations, and head to the seas, and take to the skies, should the sea begin to surge and the waves swell and the wind blows hard against your face, I want you to think back to this moment -- to feel what you feel in your hearts today.

Trump delivers commencement address at Coast Guard Academy