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Tree will solve food problem to some extent. It gives us fruit, shade and shelter. These lands can also be brought under tree plantation. They should try to make it popular all over the country. In the village we see very few mango tree, coconut tree, black berry tree, guava tree etc.


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The scope of the plantation: We should luke massive programmes for plantation of trees all over the country. Again the hilly areas of Chittagong Hill Tracts and Sylhet can also be brought under the tree plantation programme. Many countries are already turning into deserts due to the massive cutting of trees.

We export valuable furniture to foreign countries. Cocoanut trees grow well in the sea-coasts. People will suffer from a shortage of food, shade, and oxygen. Trees are useful to us in many ways. They should come forward with their best knowledge. Tree plantation and its after-care is a pleasing work too.

We get crops and different delicious and juicy fruits from trees. We can get much pleasure in planting trees and in taking care of them.

They play an important role in our life and economy. Trees will solve food problems to some extent. Again in the villages, there are many proper places which can be used for tree plantation. So the number gs1 case study trees should be multiplied by the tree-plantation by us. People must be convinced the kite runner essay titles the need for planting trees.

Selection of trees for plantation: They play an important role in our life and economy. Thus trees are our great friends and they are useful to us in many ways. So, the necessary steps should be taken to have more trees. We need oxygen for living and trees to provide us with oxygen.

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Unfortunately, such is the reality. It helps us in mcgill law cover letter ways, Similarly, trees are closely related to our life. They have no knowledge about the plantation of trees.

There are people who are not aware of the great benefits that we derive from trees. They also supply barks and leaves required for making medicines. In the village we see very few mango tree, coconut tree, black berry tree, guava tree etc.

Trees save us from flood and many other natural calamities. Proper Time for planting: We can plant trees in any open places. So, removal of plants and trees would disturb the composition of natural air. They should try to make it popular all over the country.

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Green plants play the most important role in keeping the atmospheric balance by consuming carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. More planting trees will not do only. The tree plantation movement must be made successful. Bangladesh is mostly a flat and riverine country. Trees give shelter to many animals, insects, and birds. They give us various kinds of fruits, such as mangoes, jackfruits, blackberries, oranges pineapples etc.

So mcgill law cover letter act in keeping tree plantation essay in bengali proportions of gases in air in a balanced condition.

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Our government is quite aware to the situation that is in the offing. Everywhere, in every piece of land or pasture, even around our houses where there are slices of land unplanned, there should be trees.

They give us oxygen. People should be conscious of planting more trees. Collection of plants to be planted should be made from the Government nurseries in consultation dissertation titles on employee engagement the experts there.

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They prevent soil erosion. Trees make the oxygen and spreads it in the air.

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Exemplary initiatives need also to be taken of the part on the government. Without oxygen, the animal world will die away. In this Way, trees help maintain ecological balance. We must plant trees as more as possible in every available place.

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Every house, school, college, hospital and other institutions should be up and doing to plant various types of trees all the year round in their yards and premises. But a destruction of this layer means the intrusion of such rays into the atmosphere of earth. By their fallen leaves they make new soil for us. June and July are the most suitable period for planting trees in our country.

Our lands are very suitable for the growth of trees. To lead peaceful life, we have to plant more trees.

Tree Plantation Essay

If in a given area, trees do not exist in adequate proportion to men, animals, soil, air and water, the ecological balance gets disturbed and life becomes difficult or impossible. If there are no trees, our country will turn into desert. Tree plantation programmes should be expanded to the remote corners of the country.

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Tree plantation plays an important role in our economic development and environmental balance. Trees make own land fertile by their fallen leaves. The officers connected with this programme should take proper steps and needful measures to make it a success. Every citizen of Bangladesh must take interest in planting trees. They attract clouds and cause rainfall that stops desertification process.

Tree plantation essay in bengali give us food.

Tree Plantation Essay Example for Free - Sample words

Tree plays a vital role of keeping balance in the natural ecosystem. Hence, we should strive to make forests nearly all over Bangladesh.

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We can plant trees on both sides of those roads and highways. June and July are the proper time to tree plantation. As a result, the country will face a great ecological imbalance.

Translate essay on tree plantation in Bengali in context

Proper time of tree plantation: C gases is increasing. Sea beaches, low-lying unused lands, sides of the highways and railways can be brought under the scheme of tree plantation. Since the dawn of civilization man has a close relationship with nature. We also get many products like wood, leaves, rubber, resin, fragrance honey etc.

Students should plant trees in their school-compounds and in the front-yards, backyards and side-yards of their schools and near their own houses and in other places wherever possible. Tree Plantation Composition Topics: Trees produce oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide in the air and thus help us to exist on this earth. In other words, it is oxygen which gives life to fire.

Trees and forests bear a great impact on climate. We use wood as fuel and also need it images critical thinking making things like houses, boats, and furniture. We should plant trees on the two sides of the roads and paths and on the four sides of our corn-fields.

The mass media like TV and radio can play a great role in this regard.

Tree Plantation Essay

Human beings and animals on earth are breathing in oxygen from the air and breathing out carbon-di-oxide. And the equally dangerous consequence of the second phenomenon is the destruction of the ozone layer of gas over the earth. Trees are closely related to human life. So, necessary steps should be taken to have more trees.