Leukemia: Causes, treatment, and early signs

Essay blood cancer. Essay on Cancer: Types, Causes and Treatment

A regular change in bowel movements. Sometimes, due to unknown reasons, some cells divide in abnormally faster rate to form a lump. Outlook Leukemia is a cancer of the blood or bone marrow. Colon and Rectal cancers have also seen a rise. Healthy Diet A healthy diet is no doubt the key to a healthy lifestyle. Cancer is a generic terminology used to refer to the unrestrained proliferation of abnormal cells.


The following aspects can be attributed to the cause of cancer: These symptoms do not appear in the initial stages of cancer and are often dismissed as general bodily issues by essay blood cancer patients even when detected.

Leukemia a Type of Cancer that Affect Individual for Many Years

Sometimes these stages are further divided by the use of letters A, B and C. Types of treatment include: This usually involves chemotherapy post surgery.

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  2. Drink Plenty of Water The health benefits of drinking plentiful water are known to all.
  3. Essay on Cancer: Types, Causes and Treatment
  4. It is also essential not to neglect its symptoms to get rid of it at the earliest.
  5. Sites of Cancer:

So far essay blood cancer membrane proteins to transcription factors. Every day six New Zealanders are diagnosed with some form of blood cancer Leukaemia and blood cancer New Zealand, Chewing of tobacco, betel nuts etc.

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Although Leukemia has been found in other genders and races, it is more common for caucasians males to have it then any others. Some of the infected organs are removed from the body by surgery: These oncogenes remain inactive.

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Bythis figure had risen to Platelets are very small fragments of larger cells called megakaryocytes. If treatment starts early, the chance of remission is higher. Some of the possible symptoms of cancer are abnormal bleeding, blockage in the bowel, excessive weight loss, pneumonia, excessive fatigue, changes in the skin and prolonged cough.

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Breast Cancer and High Blood Pressure Words 4 Pages few of the chronic health conditions that occur in my family are breast cancer and high blood pressure. This is still some time away from being a broadly available process, but an exciting area to watch as it develops.

Leukemia: Causes, treatment, and early signs Despite this, leukemia is unlike other cancers due to the fact that…. Breast Cancer and High Blood Pressure Words 4 Pages few of the chronic health conditions that occur in my family are breast cancer and high blood pressure.

Proto-oncogenes participate in normal cell function, and in certain cases, a mutation or aberrant activation of a Proto- oncogenes causes tumour formation. The colour comes from a chemical known as haem, which contains iron. Related Articles: Normal cells of the body have a control over the division.

  • Some people appear to have a higher risk of developing leukemia because of a fault in one or several genes.
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These are done to understand the size of the cancer and whether it has spread to the other organs. One inside the mouth may be a symptom of oral cancer.

Canon case study summary

Stages of Cancer There are four stages of cancer. Cancer basically develops due to abnormal cell growth. It causes serious complications in the body.

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Cancer spreads inside the body rapidly and infects other organs, called metastasis: Tumour Supressor Genes: Colon and Rectal cancers have also seen a rise. Essay on Cancer: What is our blood made of?

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  • Oncogene in such cases therefore is dominant over its Proto- oncogene counterpart.
  • Long and Short Essay on Cancer in English for Children and Students

Apart from inculcating these healthy habits, it is important to steer lord gautam buddha essay of tobacco consumption and lower your alcohol intake. It can occur in different essay blood cancer of the body.

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As painful as the condition is, the treatments used to cure it are equally agonizing. However, men may also develop breast cancer. Oxygen is needed for our cells to burn sugars, fats and proteins in a controlled way.