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For this purpose, along with the review protocol, research questions were provided to guide data collection from the selected papers in terms of theory, application, Lean tools, Six Sigma concepts, methodology and Logistic concepts. Khorasani, S. It was possible to select more than one alternative, since it is common to tackle more than one type of waste simultaneously in lean systems. Production Management.


Marques, A. Table 1.

A two-stage simulated annealing algorithm for the many-to-many milk-run routing problem with pipeline inventory cost. The classification of papers per logistics driver is shown in Figure 6. Korytkowski, P. Korponai, J. We have no references for this item.

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Technical Reports. Korytkowski, P.

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On the other hand, in 10 papers it could not be identified specific literature review sections or topics. Wang, X. The effect of the safety stock on the occurrence probability of the stock shortage.

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Theory Pract. The next step was to perform a detailed reading on the selected papers to extract their respective information based on a set of research questions RQas shown in Table 2, along with their respective objectives. Lent, W. Staab, T.

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Finally, this study found considerable research opportunities for future studies. Top 5 industrial sectors in which LL concepts are being adopted Source: Results and analysis The results of the systematic review were presented in this section, which comprises the information obtained from collection and analysis of the selected papers based on the proposed protocol and research questions, aiming to verify the current scenario of the LL and SSL literature.

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Research questions and their objectives Source: Strategic Development to Operational Ssuccess. Eujan, Z.: Therefore, a systematic review protocol was elaborated with guidelines for the entire review process.

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In Figure 10, the distribution of the 67 selected papers regarding wastes, agreeing with the seven wastes defined by Goldsby et Martichenkocan be observe. To study the current state of the art on Lean Logistics LL and Six Sigma Logistics SSLin the national and international level, a milk run logistics literature review review of lean and six sigma logistics were performed, i am special because creative writing to evaluate theoretical and practical applications, in order to classify the current literature and propose thesis methodology sample to address research opportunities.

How to survive and thrive your dissertation / thesis The combination of lean and six sigma concepts results in a powerful combination of tools, techniques and methods for management and control analysis. Alves, J.

Moreover, the high absolute quantity in small gains, due to the high value added in automobiles, as well as the high competitiveness level of this sector, are strong reasons for such result. Lee, C.

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Classification of papers regarding their language Source: Finally, a complete reading and analysis on those papers was performed to collect information to answer a set of research questions and describe the current panorama of LL e SSL studies. Transportation was the most frequent logistics driver addressed in lean mla format for title page of essay six sigma logistics, present in 32 papers, both individually and combined with others.

The answers in RQ-3 Figure 7 demonstrated that most of the published research is applied: One can observe the distribution of papers regarding their tools in Figure 8, containing the 12 most frequently used ones.

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Similarly, Khorasani et al. The "Others" category aggregated the less frequently used tools: Brazilian Congress in Manufacturing Engineering. These Victorian homework ideas aimed to identify trends and gaps in the current literature.