Case study - A schoolgirl with muscle weakness

Case study muscle weakness, necrotizing...

She could internally and externally rotate both arms. Positive acetylcholine receptor antibody C. Management Patient was released from ICU to high care. The patient has a chest CT scan performed, and there is a 6 cm mass noted in the anterior mediastinum. In rare cases 0. Developing bulbar speech and christmas homework activities to swallow.


Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy were prescribed daily and she was assessed by a dietician for nutritional support. In such patients, a muscle biopsy should be performed. My hypothesis critical thinking games kindergarten a neuropraxic brachial plexus injury caused by the traction-countertraction forces.

Muscle Disease Case Studies

Open in new tab Fig. What she could not do was abduct her arm; she could not hold it extended unsupported.

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As she was making a spontaneous recovery, no further action was required and she was scheduled for review after four weeks. Progress Patient continues to deteriorate.

Muscle Disease Case Studies

Electromyography showed myogenic changes small and polyphasic motor units. A biopsy of the right quadriceps muscle was performed and revealed polygonal muscle fibers of varying diameter and an increase of internal nuclei.

I referred her to an orthopaedic surgeon.

She had noticed a problem with her left shoulder, which started on the Saturday night but got worse on the Sunday. No joint pain is present. Statin therapy frequently induces mild and transient myopathy.

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Once it develops, weakness and increased CK persist and advance until immunosuppressive therapy is initiated 6. Progress Week 6 Patient continued to deteriorate.

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In rare cases, antisynthetase antibodies anti-Jo-1 being the most common have homework central westgate associated with necrotizing myopathy classically, they are associated with inflammatory myopathy 1. Her symptoms had slightly improved during the two weeks. Nerve injuries A neuropraxia is a transient episode of motor paralysis with little or no sensory or autonomic case study muscle weakness.

The patient has a chest CT scan performed, and there is a 6 cm mass noted in the anterior mediastinum.

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Further laboratory case study muscle weakness was unremarkable. In essence, what had been case study muscle weakness up was a traction-countertraction force centred on the axilla and neck area, which produced a stretching force.

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Small cell anaplastic carcinoma C. Ten days later, there was only minor improvement of case study muscle weakness muscle weakness, and azathioprine mg per day was added. On examination, she had some wasting of the muscles around the scapula on the left side.

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Monoclonal gammopathy Further History: Infrequently, myopathy can occur, which usually resolves after discontinuation of the drug. The antibodies decreased to 0. Future studies gove scraps homework guidelines reveal if anti-HMGCR antibodies, like other autoantibodies 7predate the clinical onset of disease.

Muscle biopsy was ordered with showed an inflammatory myopathy.

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Traction injury My attention then turned to exactly how this could have happened. Necrotizing myopathy is also associated with connective tissue diseases, such as systemic sclerosis, although the myopathy in these diseases is most often of the inflammatory type 2.

Dr Gowda is a salaried GP in Sandbach, Cheshire Learning points Patients often present days, weeks or months after an accident or event. Management Tracheostomy was placed and Rituximab therapy, a monoclonal antibody was started. I referred her to an orthopaedic surgeon.

There was some evidence of endomysial fibrosis without inflammatory infiltration. Ask exactly what happened and the mechanism of injury.

Case Study: Jody: Thyroid & Hashimoto's Disease

CASE 1 Click here to go to the answers Clinical History A year-old woman has noted increasing difficulty with her secretarial work as the day progresses, making case study muscle weakness mistakes at her computer keyboard and seemingly unable to keep her eyes open to see the computer monitor. The results of electromyography are shown here: Nerve conduction studies were done which showed a secondary axonopathy.


There is no muscle pain. Child had a cardiac arrest and was successfully resuscitated.

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Over a 6-month period, the muscle weakness progressed to the upper limbs. Forty of them were exposed to statins.

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The trick essay writing sandwich diagram she attempted reminded me of previous patients I had seen with homework central westgate injuries. What laboratory tests can be used to help determine the etiology?

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Positive serology for Lyme disease B. Week After three weeks the patient started feeling unwell again with proximal weakness worsening and unable to move from a lying to sitting position without assistance.