ALL ABOUT KCSE: The River and the Source - Part 2 Essay Questions and Answers

Essay based on the river and the source. Sample essay questions from the river and the source

The Western culture has totally changed the African traditions. About in number, these rivers generally flow south. It may give you hope and rescue you from bitterness pg. She becomes the focal point of her family. She has the courage to take the long journey, whose virtue lies in the fact that Otieno is ousted from being the chief and with it comes the end to oppression and heavy-handedness Otieno had visited on the people for the short time he was chief.


My shoulders feel the heat of summer in the black shirt I stupidly decided to wear.

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From then she reconciles herself to the fact that she would live with only one child. She flees Yimbo.

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She had been only thirty- three and until the last six months of her illness she had still essay book title underlined the loveliest person Vera had ever seen. Using Elizabeth and Mark children, write an essay in support of this statement.

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She leaves her matrimonial home regardless of the absence of her husband, to show that she could not take the accusations anymore. She goes through a lot of pain as a woman and she becomes the focal point from where Elizabeth gets her strength. She is so determined to become an electric engineer and she becomes.


This stops Otieno from continuing to insult her at that moment since he does not proceed. She takes a drastic step and heads to Kisuma to seek redress from the sirikal. It starts in the Valdai Hills of north-western Russia and flows approximately 3, km before creating this delta and pouring into the Caspian Sea.

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Her father and brothers are stolen by her charm. She is influenced in the lives of the people she interacts with. She beats Aoro in an anatomy class and that is the beginning of what they share later in life.

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This is because he would become a celibate. I want her to know that I love my children though my way of expressing it thesis pm not have satisfied her. He wants to be taken to secondary school — The father stand his ground and is made to repeat class. Flooding of the rivers during the monsoon season causes enormous hardship and hinders development, but fresh deposits of rich silt replenish the… The Nile River Words 4 Pages northeast Africa when a drought came.

Should be able to tell that the student had understood the question and he knows what he is going to write. The river approach afforded no opportunities for cover and concealment… Tumaga River: Meaning that it is only Akoko who would not have minded if Elizabeth had chosen a non-Luo.

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They had had good loving parents and all her brothers easy essay on importance of computer her other sister were happy warm-hearted people with ordinary faults, but not with such bitterness - the bitterness of gall - and that in someone so beautiful!

Nyabera was a source of inspiration to her children and grandchildren.

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She takes charge of Peter after the death of her brother Owing Sino. She becomes the focal point of her family.

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It is true that Akoko is a true embodiment of change. She is a big influence to her generation. Language 4 marks. Wandia is another source of inspiration for her society.

ALL ABOUT KCSE: The River and the Source - Part 2 Essay Questions and Answers

He is sent home and only goes back because of a disciplinarian father. This helps her, together with her daughter, to find peace which eventually paves way for the success of her grandchildren.

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She consults Akoko who encourages her to join Christianity.