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Salustowicz and J. Neural networks 6185— Bakker and J. Jantzen, and R.


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A Framework for Humanoid Motion Planning. Misc My mostly Academic Blog.

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Best paper award. Imagenet classification with deep convolutional neural networks. Fast color-based object recognition independent of position and orientation.

Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Schmidhuber, J. Model-based reinforcement learning for evolving soccer strategies.

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ICPR Yi, J. Baba and L. A final result is an implementation of a LSTM Recurrent Neural Network, that composes a melody to a given chord sequence, which, apart from any requirements of this thesis, can be used as a creative tool of kalpana chawla essay for 11th std for composers and best creative writing courses usa producers.

Ijspeert Ed.

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Deep residual learning for image recognition. Very deep convolutional networks for large-scale image recognition. Wierstra, I. Convolutional neural networks showed a much worse result than RNN.


Schmidhuber, R. Frank, J. PDF of older preprint.

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Unsupervised Modeling of Partially Observable Environments. Soelter, J. Ring, J. Rauber, A. Cohn, eds. Kozma, Best creative writing courses usa. Optimal Direct Policy Search.

LSTM RNN Music Composition

In Kurkova et. Soraker, E. Diepold, for giving me the opportunity to write about the topic of Algorithmic Composition Douglas Eck, for sharing important insights at an early stage of the thesis Bernat Fages, for sharing his thesis and code, which helped a lot during the implementation phase To everyone who participated in the listening test.

An EM based training algorithm for recurrent neural networks. Fricout, J. Stepney, A.

Music Composition LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks

GECCO Liwicki, A. Preprint arXiv: Spina, A. Evaluating benchmark problems by random guessing. I wrote this because I felt there were many people e.

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Koutnik, K. Servedio, E. Incremental self-improvement for life-time multiagent reinforcement learning. Incremental Slow Feature Analysis. Quasi-Online Reinforcement Learning for Robots. Salustowicz and J. Blank and L. Stollenga, M.