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According to the article Addictive Personality and Problematic Mobile Phone Use the main reason behind the cell phone addiction may be the smart marketing of cell phones as a status symbol. Headphones must be used for all music and other audible activities. So here comes a word-"phubber," it means that someone who keep his eyes on the phones often. We can stop sliding our phones so often.


When people are addicted to smartphone, grouping may be one of the best ways to solve it.

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I am not saying that first grade homework pages other two solutions are not good. Here are some ways to stop using smartphones so frequently. When you turn on your mobile phone every few minutes without aims or check your social mobile applications frequently, you may suffer from smartphone addiction.

This is because they will waste more time on the Internet rather than studying. Dale Archer M.

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Phones must be set on vibrate to eliminate unneeded noise. I could pay more attention on the class and I would do something without smartphones when I was bored. On the first day, I did my best to focus on the class and not to use my phone, but Cover letter ifc job failed.

Smartphone Addiction Essay

Since smartphones have been invented, some new problems come forth. They will be put on cleaning duty with the custodians or cafeteria staff during the incentive time. Brenda Priddy. Smartphone addiction The story of my search What will you do when you are bored? The main idea holding fast case study summary to prevent you from the attraction of smartphone.

Moreover, the mobile phone can remind you what you need to do today.

Break Your Phone Addiction

Next, posters should be hung on each hallway to inform students about the upcoming cell phone incentive. This is my plan: I think that being an addict results from ourselves.

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However, there are ways to overcome this problem. Smartphones have improved every day. I also find that if we can control ourselves well, and then we can avoid being smartphones addicts.

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What we need to prevent is becoming reliant on a smartphone. For fourth and habitual offenders, their phone will be taken and sent to the office.

Cell Phone Problem Solution | Free Essays - vivianerose.biz For example, joining activities or doing exercise is some of suggestions. They would lose all future incentive hours and clean.

By owning a smartphone, one can have access to a wide range of information around the world. But everything has two sides.

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These incentive times would be held on the first Wednesday of every month. Our body is in control of ourselves, so whether we become smartphone addict is our choice.

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One of the problems is the ease of users to access social networks applications like wechat where one might have the risk of being in contact with people of bad intention. They will keep distracted by checking their phone on a regular interval to get updated which leads to lower study efficiency.

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What smartphone brings to us is not only convenience but also addiction. When comparing the above three solutions, I think that the grouping is the most efficient way. In doing so, the public will be aware of the disadvantages and dark side of owning a smartphone. After pondering this complex problem I have devised an exemplary solution.

Waivers would be sent home to notify parents that the cell phone rule has not changed; however to reward students for abiding by the rules, a cell phone incentive time is being integrated into the schedule on a monthly basis.

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We are all suggestible, so we may be influenced by the surroundings. Katz PhD said They have transformed social practices and changed the way we do business, yet surprisingly we have little perception on their effect in our life. These incentive times are the only allotted times to text, play games, listen to music, use the internet, or call others during school hours.

Although the original cell phone rule has not changed, new consequences have been put in place. For students who break the cell phone rule a second time, their phone will be confiscated and sent to the office.

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This is because addiction to social media has attenuated their social skill that causes them unlikely to have new friends in the real world. It turns on the alarm when there is cover letter for community outreach manager unread email, missing call or new message. To counter the problem of teenager addiction web application dissertation social media, Singapore Government has conducted some education campaigns for teenagers and parents.

I convince that it can be work.

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However, this advice cannot be applied in all "tech free time".