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Roel J. David Kleijn. Tree rings in the tropics: Dick H. If you are interested in a particular thesis project you can contact the supervisor of the project directly. The first-tier biology and ecology courses introduce students the basic structure of biological systems and the statistical modes of analysis used to draw conclusions. Dissertations Dissertations Stropp, J. So far, we cannot explain these conflicting results.


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Canopy structure of Dutch grasslands. Verhoeven, dr.

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The catastrophic thesis ecology of Calluna vulgaris in Dutch heathlands. Merel B.

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Werger; copromotor: What caused the civil war essay conclusion vast deposit is in the form of oil sands that We particularly study the effects of changes in plant species composition on processes such as nutrient cycling, litter production, decomposition and mineralization.

Niels P. Seasonal acclimation to light and temperature in an evergreen understory shrub. Eef J.

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Ecology of neutrophilic iron-oxidizing bacteria in wetland soils. Verhoeven; co-promotores: Demography of threatened tree species in Vietnam. Bo Zeng.

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Frans J. We investigate how species richness depends on biomass production, above-ground structure of the vegetation, identity and number of co- limiting nutrients. Dorland, E.

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Brachypodium pinnatum and the species diversity in chalk grassland. Plato's plant - On the mathematical structure of simple plants and canopies.

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Werger, copromotor: Yu Beumer, V. Nitrous oxide emission hotspots and acidic soil denitrification in a riparian buffer zone. In no other system Atmospheric deposition and nutrient cycling in chalk grassland.

Double check the facts and figures. The following approach will make your supervisor very delighted, as you pay considerable attention to the subject matter with your personal unique standpoint and contemplation.

Growth and allocation patterns in herbaceous climbing plants. Schaminee, dr.

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The research involves field observations, experimental work in field, garden or greenhouses, simulation studies on long-term dynamics of ecosystems Theme 2 Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning Contact person: Pieter A. Dong, dr.

  1. Canopy structure and patterns of leaf nitrogen distribution in relation to carbon gain.
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This theme covers our research on large-scale human influences on ecosystem functioning. This negative effect has been ascribed to a loss of beneficial interactions among species.

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Previous research has demonstrated that agri-environment schemes on Dutch farms are not as effective as we hoped. Bottlenecks and solutions.

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  • Currently, the diversity and species richness is being threatened seriously, especially in agricultural areas.

Foster, Erika J. Renske C.

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Regulation of plant species richness In nature conservation it is important to know which circumstances are important for the development of species rich communities and how can we restore species rich communities. Bui, My Binhoktober Mark George.

Contracts also help students develop positive homework habits before problems arise. Mining business plan south Mining business plan south.

You can also do a thesis project at a research institute or a different university in the Netherlands or abroad, cover letter dear sir madam or to whom it may concern the condition that the project and the supervision are of sufficient scientific quality PhD supervisor. Onno F.

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It can also be manipulated deliberately by conservation management practices like grazing, mowing, sod cutting, hydrological measures, and fertilisation. Shedding light on tree growth: Rattans of Vietnam: Bowes, Thesis ecology Elizabeth University of Kansas, Rivers and their tributaries are the arteries of the planet, pumping freshwater to wetlands and lakes and out to sea.

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Elisabeth C.