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Can you change your personal statement for ucas extra. Ucas Extra: a chance to rethink your uni choices | Education | The Guardian

We'll let your universities and colleges know too, but it's best to also let them know yourself as soon as possible. If you choose fewer than five universities or colleges on your application, it's possible to add further choices up until the end of June if you have not accepted offers elsewhere. You can only re-send an application in exceptional circumstances.


If there is any change in your exam subjects or examining board, write to UCAS with the details, as you can't make these changes online.

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If your circumstances change while you are studying Withdrawing your application If you want to withdraw your application, phone UCAS. If you don't get an offer or decide to decline your offeryou can opt to make another UCAS Extra choice and so on, until either you get an offer or you run out of time the scheme ends in early July.

You can only re-send an application in exceptional circumstances. In both cases, write directly to the university or college.

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If you've used all five choices on your application, and you're not holding any offers, you could still find a place using Extra — it's free! You add an Extra choice in Track. It is a good idea to contact them and indicate you have a revised statement to send. This should then be emailed to the university once you have submitted your Extra application.

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This can be sent directly to the additional university. Tips when considering a choice Think about related or alternative subjects, as the entry requirements may be different. Or did you change your mind and decline your offers? You must reply by this date otherwise your offer will be automatically declined.

What Is UCAS Extra?

Also, you can ask your referee to update their reference they will have at least another two or three months of information on your progress to add to their original comments. As well as emails letting you know there's an update to your application, this email address is also where you can get info on courses, discounts, and offers etc.

UCAS Extra currently does not allow you to prepare a new online personal statement or reference through them. Cancellations You can cancel a choice or your whole application. You must then decide whether to keep waiting for the university or college to make a decision, or to replace it with another choice instead.

Do I have to pay an additional fee to use Extra?

UCAS Extra | No Offers? Add More Choices With Our 'Extra' Service

Look at joint honours courses and combined degrees to broaden your options. If you withdraw, you will not be able to make another application during the academic year, and you will not be eligible for the Clearing system.

If I accept a place in Extra, can I decline it and go into Clearing later? A university or college should try to make their decision in Track within 21 days, but sometimes they need longer. If you accepted your offers in the last 14 days, contact one of our advisers to make any changes to your replies. They will let UCAS know about any changes.

According to the Ucas end-of-cycle report formany highly selective UK universities lowered their entry requirements as the cap on student numbers was lifted.

Ucas Extra: a chance to rethink your uni choices | Education | The Guardian

You can then use the search tool to find courses available via Extra and learn more about them, including their entry requirements. However, you can't swap a choice after 30 June. You are committed to it in exactly the same way as the main UCAS scheme.

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Click on this link and enter the details of the how to write a great cover letter for your cv and course — UCAS will then make your application available to them. Get in touch with the university or college to check they are able to consider you.

They inform UCAS using an online system, and these courses display the information in our search tool. You will also need the username and password you used to apply to access Track.

Finishing GCSEs or Nationals?

Then if they agree to it, they'll let us know about the change. How do I add a course in Extra? How many Extra choices can I make?

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We'll let your universities and colleges know too, but it's best to also let them know yourself as soon as possible. We'll email you at the new address with a verification code — enter this in Track to confirm it's the right email address.

Extra choices

To be eligible for Extra, you must have used all five initial choices and not be holding any offers, or waiting for any decisions. If you accept the offer, you won't be able to apply to any more in Extra. What happens next? Please note Entry level park ranger cover letter will only refund university applications cancelled within 14 days of being submitted to us, so please check the date in your welcome email to verify this.

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Updating your can you change your personal statement for ucas extra If you change your postal or email address, you can amend your details using Track. You can find other courses with vacancies through Ucas Extrawhich opened on 25 February and closes on 4 July. We can't change email addresses over the phone as it would negate the verification process. If your results can't be confirmed, you might not get your place.

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If you were rejected by your five original choices, ask them for feedback to help you choose a new course, advises Laura Kishore, head of admissions at Oxford Brookes University. Explain the situation and include a supporting letter from your school, college or centre, as well as your doctor if it's medical. Course, year, or point of entry If you're happy with the university or college but you'd like to change the course details, you'll need to get in touch with the university or college rather than us.

Conditional offers are usually based on exam details, so these changes might affect offers or decisions.

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If you withdraw due to personal problems and wish to re-send an application for the same academic year, write to UCAS, giving full details of your situation. Share via Email One vision: No — provided you are definitely eligible for Extra, i. If you use Extra, you will never have an insurance choice.

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University or college You can swap a choice for a different one within 14 days of the date on your welcome email. It's important to tell us, as it could delay the processing of your exam results if you don't. Changed your mind about your replies?

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If you receive an offer in Extra, the date you must reply by is shown in Track. Once you have received the decision from the university or college, you just need to accept it in Track. Add the details in Track. If you've already had an offer from them, we'll update Track to show the new details. Lucy Tallentire, 22, entry level park ranger cover letter applied to study English and received three offers, but then realised she wanted to study German instead.

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After that, it's not usually possible to change your choices, although exceptions are sometimes made for students with personal problems or changed family circumstances. How do you add more choices in Extra? While UCAS Extra is not a major issue for most students, and only a fraction apply through Extra, it can be highly successful for those who want a second chance and who do not want to wait until Clearing starts in July.

Contact your chosen uni or college first to check they'd consider your application.

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Make sure you reply to the offer by the date shown in Track, or your offer will be declined automatically. How will I know if I am eligible to workplace discrimination research paper Extra? Universities and Colleges Admission Service UCAS Changing your university or college You can change your choices of universities and colleges up to seven days from the date of your welcome letter.