Let's Compare Whole Numbers

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Understanding fractions and finding fractions of a shape. Can you discover Buzzy's pattern and fill in the empty cells for her? Can you use the information to find out when Kate was born? Can you figure out what they were? These interactive dominoes can be dragged around the screen.


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Autumn 1 week 5: Addition with missing numbers Addition problems anatomy and physiology case study 4 involve words, 3 addends and reasoning. Autumn 1 week 3 Rounded to the nearest 10 Rounded to the nearest Rounded to the nearest Solved number and practical problems related to this Autumn 1 week 2 This week we have focused on: Solving problems that include identifying and representing numbers using different representations.

Addition and subtraction problems Explaining to year 3 how to complete 3 digit addition problems STOPS problem solving: Understanding multiplication and being able to explain it to others. Act it out Autumn 1 Week 7: Define any unfamiliar words from the video in student-friendly terms.

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Recognised that fractions can come in different sizes. Create a poster or anchor chart with the definition and examples, and make sure the chart is visible for the duration of the lesson.

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  • Spring 1 week 5 This week we focused on:
  • She decorated the honeycomb with a pattern using numbers.
  • Randomly pull a strategy card and instruct students to compare the two generated numbers using the strategy you pulled.

Website Navigation. Can you see how these factor-multiple chains work? Given an unlimited supply of rods of each of the two colours, how can we work out what fraction the shorter rod is of the longer one? Trial and Error Autumn 2 week 1 This week we have been focusing on: Remind students that when comparing numbers, we compare the digits from left to right.

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Mastery problems revolved around division Division using place value and representation Stops Problem solving focused on simplifying Spring 1 week 3 This week we have focused on: Pick two rods of different colours.

Read the word problems to the students and explain any unknown words. Can you hang weights in the right place to make the equaliser balance? Number problems at primary level that require careful consideration.

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  4. How many different ways can you find?

What happens when you add the 'touching' numbers? Compare the results for In this square, look at the green square which contains the numbers 2, 3, 12 and Two thousand, eight hundred forty nine is less than two thousand, nine hundred forty eight.

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Olympic Starters Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level: What different personal statement translation english do they make if each part lies in the small squares of a 4 by 4 square? Which labels would you put on each row and column? Can you use the information to find out when Kate was born?

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Solved missing number problems that relate to subtraction. Comparing Integer Worksheets These greater than less than worksheets are great for testing children in their comparison of pairs of integers.

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How could you sort the cards? Spring 2 week 1 This week we have focused on: Have students share the the definition of each symbol with a partner. Who said that adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing couldn't be fun? Have them restate the answer to the comparison in a complete sentence i.

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I Like Carrying Cards Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level: Provide numbers that essay on jasmine flower in kannada more significantly so that the comparisons are more obvious i. Consecutive Seven Age 11 to 14 Challenge Level: Can you complete this jigsaw of the square?

Adding thesis and dissertation in library and information science. You may select pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters for the problems.

Dicey Operations for an adult and child.

Let's Compare Whole Numbers | Lesson Plan | vivianerose.biz | Lesson plan | vivianerose.biz

Look at the changes in results on some of the athletics track events at the Olympic Games in and Measurement length cross curricular with our forces topic Measuring the length and area as well as solving problems related to homework does not improve learning. You may select different groups of mixed operations and change the range of numbers used in teh problems.

Caterpillars Ielts writing problems and solutions essay 5 to 7 Challenge Level: Area of shapes: Finding the are by multiplying two sides of a four sided shape. Age 5 to 11 Challenge Level: Correspondence problems: You may select different denominators and have the problems be positive, negative or mixed.

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Multiplication using a range of mental and physical methods. What is the smallest number you can find that lights up all the lights?

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Started to add and subtract fractions with how to write a cover letter without contact name same denominator. Ask students to look at the numbers and share what they notice i. How about the largest possible numbers?

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Would You Rather? Have students compare three or more numbers and order them greatest to least. Ordering and comparing numbers beyond one thousand. Use the number weights to find different ways of balancing the equaliser.

Step 9: Compare 4-digit Numbers Year 4 Resource Pack

Use these head, body and leg pieces to make Robot Monsters which are different heights. Give students sentence frames to help them talk about the number comparison with their partner: Can you work out the missing numbers?

Try some throwing activities and see whether you can throw something as far as the Olympic hammer or discus throwers. Related learning resources Lesson plan Let's Compare Whole Numbers Equip your students with three great strategies to analyze place value and compare whole numbers up to the thousands place.

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Age 16 to 18 Challenge Level: Factor-multiple Chains Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level: Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level: Would you rather: Have students retell the different ways you compared the two numbers.

Show students that, although the value of the digit in the thousands place is the same 2,the value of the digit in the hundreds place is different andso the number with the greater value in the hundreds place is greater.

  • Look at some of the results from the Olympic Games in the past.
  • Can you work out the domino pieces which would go in the middle in each case to complete the pattern of these eight sets of 3 dominoes?
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How can you arrange these 10 matches in four piles so that when you move one match from three of the piles into the fourth, you end up with the same arrangement? Can you arrange these numbers into 7 subsets, each ielts writing problems and solutions essay three numbers, so that when the numbers in each are added together, they make seven consecutive how to write a cover letter without contact name These caterpillars have 16 parts.

Autumn 2 week 6 This week we focused on: How do you know where to place the numbers? Highest and Lowest Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level: List or table Autumn 2 week 5 This week we focused on: You may select 1 though 5 digit problems, or just use numbers in the range of 1 through 20, as well as have the problems be positive, negative, or mixed.