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Gcse photography coursework. GCSE Photography - Coursework Checklist

I got a black fine tipped pen writing words which I related to the word 'Abandonment' writing them around the image. Rut Blees Luxemburg also inspires me, as I would like to photograph things and gcse photography coursework make them look abstract and unusual. I tried to consider taking close up abstract essay my hobby for class 2nd like Siskind. This allows you to see the smaller parts of the image in more detail. In this image I have increased the brightness to 47, this then makes the image lighter which creates a more sulphurous tone within the image. I did the same as what I did before. I hope to convey an obscure and surreal atmosphere, as well as finding beauty within urban decay.


This allows you to see the smaller parts of the image in more detail.

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These are the themes that my final piece will be based on and around. My first impression of this image is that it looks like the wall is decaying and that this is something unusual to see in a photograph. Aaron Siskind inspired me because his work is black and white which is an element I want to gcse photography coursework within my final outcome.

GCSE Photography Coursework by jazminharmar - Issuu

This photograph is mastering physics essay questions same picture as the previous one but I overlaid a picture of a section of mesh. The orange in the image creates warmth, however, these colours in the photo are surrounded by blacker darker colours.

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Students must be prepared to work outside school hours and at weekends in the run-up to the exams. I did this to make the texture stand out leonardo cover letter.

Coursework - GCSE Photography

I took this photograph using an aperture of f3. I completed both physical and photoshop manipulations for my outcome. I have used shallow depth of field in my photograph to make part of the foreground become blurred making the viewer focus on the main part of the destroyed wall. My photographs taken in the area around the Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham.

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MY Analysis of "viewing the open". This image also explores the way in which beauty can be found in decay.

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Photo-sheet of my photo's inspired by rut blees luxemberg development of ideas. I have taken a photograph of a section of a wall made up of crushed cars and car parts.

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  3. GCSE Photography - Coursework Checklist
  4. This photograph is the same picture as the previous one but I overlaid a picture of a section of mesh.
  5. This photograph was taken at night with a large format camera with a long exposure.

As part of their course, students are expected to take photographs in a variety of settings, including open-air locations. Luxemburg has created a series of images for the London Underground in My first impressions of the photograph is that it looks vacant, empty and corroded.

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Also, I would like to experiment by turning some of the images black and white and exploring the effects of contrast. This photograph was one which was physically manipulated also thesis mw Photoshop. Working within this group he produced many significant series of images in the 's.

I overlaid the image of graffiti over the image of the broken window and changed the opacity of it to make it look like it's hardly there.

GCSE Photography

The coursework is marked by the Tutors at the end of the Spring Term, before being submitted to the scrutiny of a Moderator nominated by the AQA. This gives the impression of the beauty within decay slowly fading away to not be as visible as it was before. Rut Blees Luxemberg inspired me because she was interested in capturing the beauty in decay and making her photographs look abstract.

To improve this if I wish to repeat this within my final outcome then I could write the words going horizontal across the image but slowly fading when it reaches the part with the 'beauty' element within it.

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I then got a piece of acetate overlaying it ontop of the image ensuring they were the same size as the image below it. The image shows a coarse texture where the rust is corroding the wall, helping the viewer to imagine what it gcse photography coursework about self defense be like to feel it. Using one of my Photoshop manipulated images, I put a piece of Acetate over the top of the image and then got a black fine tipped pen to write words which linked to the word 'abandonment' and then wrote them around the image.

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Lessons take place in the purpose-built photography laboratory, which includes a fully-equipped darkroom. However, I have changed the opacity of the central part to make it less prominent.

The images i plan to PEG TO THE RUSTY BIKE WHEEL for my final outcome.

Rut Blees Luxemburg also inspires me, as I would like to photograph things and then make them look abstract and unusual. Many of her photos apply long exposures to capture the light, which emerge from the streets only for example from office blocks or streetlights in her photos. I used this so that is created a sulphurous tone within the image.

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This photograph has been printed on photographic paper to experiment the differences between both of the different types of paper. Also her work has a dark and urban feel to it.

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I don't think this is one of my successful physical manipulations as the paint came out a thicker consistency. The two images both have a deep depth of field meaning that the whole image is in focus rather than having one part in focus.

Why Choose Photography?

The isolation of the warm colours implies that the warmth thesis about self defense the community has been lost. What you have caught on film is caputured forever The main idea which I stated off with and followed through to be main idea is the idea of mastering physics essay questions being found in areas of decay.

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MY final outcome.