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She enjoyed her work and inspired many to join her. Mother Teresa was decided to become a nun in her early age. Close to her institute was one of the greatest slums of Calcutta.


She was named the headmistress of a secondary school for the middle class Bengali girls essay on mother teresa in english for class 5 the centre of Calcutta. Her family was of Albanian descent. The last two years, she assisted several religious retreats in Letnice and it was clear to her that she would be a missionary for India. She always believed in God worked hard in helping people.

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Let them know about this great woman through easy Mother Teresa essay given below. She was born in in Macedonia with the name Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. In she founded the Nirmal Hriday a home for the dying destitute in the house donated by the Calcutta corporation authorities.

Hard and continuous work tired her lot however she never gave up. That event disturbed sample of cover letter philippines mind a lot and made her various nights sleepless. She was born on 26th of August in at Skopje, Republic of Macedonia and got her birth essay on mother teresa in english for class 5 by her parents as Agnes Gonxha Bajaxhin. After completing her work in Dublin she worked in Calcutta in India.

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This was a touching moment, but Sister Teresa was realistic and she spoke to the girl about the full poverty and about all the disagreeable aspects of the work. She helped them to build their own self supporting colony at Titagarh. Her childhood was comfortable and prosperous due to her father's success. She was given a state funeral and was laid to rest at Mother House in Calcutta. As a child, Agnes lived in a quite favorable house and was educated in local schools.

The strength further increased with the passage of time. She believed that prayer is very essential part of her life and spent hours in prayer. She was 38, when she said goodbye to her sisters and religious Loreto robe, to change it for a cheap white and blue sari. She lived in a fairly well off family.

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At the age of nine Agnes father died leaving her mom to raise her and her two elder siblings. The missionary also aimed to help the homeless from dying, refuge for the care and teaching of abandoned children, establishment of treatment centers and hospitals for those suffering of leprosy, centers and refuges for alcoholics, the aged and street people and the list continues.

InAgnes took her final vows to become a nun and has done much great work in the world since.

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She enjoyed 15 years of her life in teaching the geography and History and then started teaching in the Saint Marys School for girls. Her mother was very religious and she took the children to morning mass.

The stories she tells about bringing the dying off the streets to die in peace.

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Throughout her teachings she developed s In such condition, the church became very important for the live survival of her family. Mother Teresa Essay 2 words Mother Teresa was a lady of great tenure who had spent review my essay for free whole life in helping needy and poor people. She was born on 26th of August in Skopje, Macedonia in a religious catholic family.

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She was youngest child of the Nikola and Dronda Bojaxhiu. Mother Teresa Essay 6 words Mother Teresa was a great personality who had spent her whole life in serving the poor people. For the world peace, happiness and harmony her contribution has been matchless. She was highly inspired about the charity from her parents who were always supported needy people in the society.

Her kindness and compassion are the cherished gems which the grateful humanity will not every forget. Mother Teresa was a very recognize nun around the case study on laser technology world.

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Her work was a work of great charity and nobility. She was a lady with strong faith and trust in God and humanity. Teresa of Lisieuse. People are wealthy and have things given to them, or poor and working hard for basic needs. She enjoyed her work and inspired many to join her.

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She had joined a convent in the year and then came to India Darjeeling and then Kolkata. Then her name was Agnes. Her mother was a simple housewife however father was a merchant. Her father encouraged his children to be generous and compassionate to those less fortunate. She was a great ray of hope for all those who had none else to look after them.

Though she is essay on mother teresa in english for class 5 longer with us physically, her prayer her guidance, her good work for the poor and the needy and her legacy will remain with us forever. In she suffered pneumonia, leading to congestive heart failure.

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She has gone to her heavenly abode. There she entered the Loreto congregation.

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  2. After completing her work in Dublin she worked in Calcutta in India.

Service was her only mission and motto. She was a much disciplined woman who essay on mahatma gandhi for class 7th God by helping poor and needy people. She is a great legend and highly recognizable symbol of the sympathy and care of our time.

Her family struggled a lot for the bad financial status after the death of her father in early age.

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She essay on mother teresa in english for class 5 the youngest one child of her parents. She was born on 26th of August in in the Skopje, Macedonia. She grew up with a strong faith and spent a lot of time in the church, but didn't think of being a nun until she was Mother Teresa was a women commended for her unselfishness, courage, charity, her capacity of hard work and a natural talent for organisation.

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The sisters rose early in the morning, prayed for a long time, had adoration and attended mass, to find in their spiritual life, the strength to do the material work in the service of the Poor.

She chose to wear a simple dress of white sari having blue border. She was set up many homes for the poor, helpless children and unfortunate lepers. She attended the government….

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She was very close to the God and never missed prayer. Sister Teresa regularly visited hospitals, slums and the poor people.