Chapter III- Experimental Research Methodology | Experiment | Validity (Statistics)

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Finding out the score differences from each subject di. It took one group of subjects that were nor random, and for the tests he used a pre-test and a post-test. Then, the writer gave the first test called pre-test on March 18th Collection of data related to the factors or circumstances associated with the given phenomenon.


In this case, the writer analyzed the result of the test before using a semantic mapping strategy and after using a semantic mapping strategy.

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Total number of item 3. The number of the students participating the test.

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To gain the score of posttest, the writer used the same following formula was used in pre-test. Part 2 will aim to determine how many from the sample pays awareness to thesis chapter 3 experimental design project strategy specifically Work Management, Materials Management, Equipment Management and Safety Management.

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The sample was taken from one group. Arithmetic mean will be used to determine the average level of awareness on different project management aspects. In this study, the reading test was in the form of multiple choice types.


Basis For Development Of Construction Standards Chapter 3 Methodology The Subject The entire population will be used in this proposed thesis chapter 3 experimental design assuming that the subjects will not be greater than In this research, the writer used a paired t-test.

Based on the statement above there were diagrams of pre-experimental design.

Formulating the null and alternative hypothesis. Coefficient of correlation between x and y variable or validity of each item.

Data Processing Method After the retrieval of the questionnaire, the researchers will tabulate and process the data manually. This research used the variables whose characteristic referred to a group of student that would be observed among the people being studied. After the instrument had prepeared. In the second week of treatment, the writer made a several group and the groups discussed the passage of narrative text were given by writer then implemented in semantic mapping strategy.

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A single stage procedure as one in which the researcher had an access to name in the population and could sample the people directly. In this study, the Pearson Product Moment formula was used to measure the validity of the test.

There were some steps of the data normality test: The writer told to English teacher that the observation would be used three main activities; Pre-test, How to end a conclusion in a persuasive essay, and Posttest.

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There were two kinds of variables in this research, namely, independent and dependent variable. The questionnaire will consist of three parts: It also showed the differences of the result pre-test and posttest for conclusion.

Arikunto, The pre-test administered before a treatment given and the students only have 50 minutes to do the test. Informal interview, observation, and actual experiences of the subjects were also included in constructing the questionnaire. It concerned primarily with discovering the effectiveness between or among interrelationship of two variables at the same time.

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Those following methods are used for processing the data that he got from conducting his research of eighth grade students of SMPN 5 Garut. Statistical Treatment The statistical tools to be used in the interpretation of data will include the arithmetic mean to determine whether which aspect of construction project management does most of the project managers focus their thorough attention.

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