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Womens rights annotated bibliography, statistics

Anthony Papers Project. We used this website for facts and secondary source documents about the suffrage. Gale,


It also contains political cartoons and other photos of various propaganda.

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Government and Politics. The article is meant to be a study of two anti-suffrage movements within the border lands of Maine and New Brunswick. Here we found primary source documents.

Annotated Bibliography On Woman’s Suffrage | Growing History

Her work as a historian focuses on the history of political feminism and the struggle for the vote. Petition for Women's Rights.

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Anthony, and all that they worked for. Harvard, She supports her thesis by citing and quoting from American history.

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This website described the 19th amendment and how it came to be on the constitution. Risk has done extensive research on the topic and cites at ebs master thesis 59 sources scholarly articles on the subject and primary sources from the area. Griffith, Elisabeth. She continues off womens rights annotated bibliography this strain of thought by using supporting evidence from other scholarly journals and letters and newspapers from that time period.

Winning the Vote.

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Risk, the author of this article, got her Ph. Woodbridge, CT: Yale, This speech was given at Susan B. Carrie Chapman Catt uses this speech as part of her campaign for the passage of the 19th amendment. Learn Out Loud. AWID's own program, 'Challenging Religious Fundamentalisms', is covered, which explores cross-religion and cross-region experiences as well as strategies for responding to fundamentalist rationalisations and actions against women's rights.

An example is Jane S.

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Scholarly Sources: Constitution Day. This speech incorporated elements of womens rights and slaves rights.

  1. Her work focuses on American political and constitutional development, constitutional law and theory, jurisprudence, and civil rights litigation.
  2. Risk, the author of this article, got her Ph.
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  4. We hope that this collection of ideas, research, analysis and experiences provides the kind of rich ingredients needed to create new recipes for confronting old and new challenges.
  5. Annotated Bibliography - Women's Suffrage
  6. Annotated Bibliography - Women's Rights

This article will allow me to find more sources about the anti-suffragist argument. Shannon M.

Women’s rights and transitions to democracy: an annotated bibliography | Eldis

Catt, Carrie Chapman. If I do end up using Alice Paul as another speaker for my debate I could use this article to help me find more information on her.

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She uses this similar style for her other points as well. It proposes counter arguments as well as many the sims freeplay homework opinions that make you think. Jacquette's edited book Feminist Agendas and Democracy in Latin America, examining the responses by the Latin American women's movement to political and economic upheaval over the last two decades.