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Indeed, these segments correlate with the type of consumer and consumer behavior that best suits the appropriate category segments in the non-disposable razor market. Randall should choose to position the Clean Edge in the super-premium market niche instead of the mainstream market. The company may risk losing their loyal customer base by positioning itself in the niche segment. Close Dialog Join the membership rikki tikki tavi theme essay edges Get monthly access to books, audiobooks, documents, and clean Read Free for 30 Days. Clean edge razor case study ppt, review Rating:


Many consumers are returning to disposables and increasing the number of times they use them before replacing them. If Clean Edge is set as mainstream product, the position of Paramount Pro would be embarrassed. The company has developed their newest non-disposable core connections course 1 homework help, Clean Edge, which is essay about myself for mara scholarship undergoing review by market testers.

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The evaluation of alternative solutions was based on the following criteria: The individuals and companies used in this case are also fictional. I have attached a spreadsheet showing the cost of cannibalization on both market positions.

To back these claims, Paramount enlisted a third party lab to provide scientific testing. Keller, K.

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However, they would enter the decline period after the peak. Pertaining to overall pricing, it appears that Clean Edge is competitive in this aspect, as seen in Exhibit 7 of the case. The Economist reports that consumer trends may be changing.

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Randall meets internal resistance to the mainstream strategy from the product manager for the company's current, but aging, mainstream razor products and he must consider the effects of cannibalization in his plan.

Paramount entered the non-disposable razor market in and quickly became a market leader. This alternative would severely limit the amount of marketing funds available to continue to market the Pro razor.

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Application letter for agriculture loan Pro, likely being at its mature phase in the product lifecycle, may limit the detrimental effect of this cannibalization. However, the overall profit in the long run will be constant and steadily growing.

Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning On August 9,a group of executives from Paramount Health and Beauty Company Paramount sat in a research room intently observing a dozen men shaving on the other clean edge razor case study summary of a two-way mirror. What are the advantage and application letter for agriculture loan of the different positioning options?

Due to the fact that sales for both the razor and cartridges are higher in the mainstream market, so are the costs of production.

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Purchased by Colgate-Palmolive, it is marketed for its natural ingredients and donations to charity. The involved aesthetic shaver are those consumers that search for products that effectively remove hair and thus, such consumers essentially are relying mainly on performance and results as the deciding factor.

Project Future Position for Each Segment. Paramount can set Clean Edge as a milestone to innovate new product line while set Paramount Pro as classic product line. Assess Paramount's competitive position edge profit, positioning, and threats for the case.

Clean Edge Razor Case

More clean study tools: Among all retail channels of nondisposable razor, percentage of sales of food stores decreased a little bit while of mass merchandisers increased. The frequency of the segmentation of this research is a really important criterion.

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To establish a niche market and establish it as a unique product, the Paramount name should be secondary to the new innovation offered by the Clean Edge. The company may risk losing their loyal customer base by positioning itself in the niche segment. Research and analysis studies by Paramount, marketing and sales data across Paramount and its competitors, key product differences and similarities between Paramount and its competitors in non-disposable razor category, and feasibility….

Clean Edge Razor Case Study

Best Solution The best solution is to sell Clean Edge in the market category that will result in optimum growth for Clean Edge with the least amount of loss to the Pro. While other companies have been active in placing products in this segment, Paramount is only now getting to launch its new product.

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Looking at advertising and promotional costs, essay about myself for mara scholarship is evident that these are much lower in the niche marketing. Therefore, if the budget were to remain the same then marketing for Clean Edge may require a budget allocation from other product budgets.

One strategy is to release Clean Edge as a "niche" product, targeting the high-end market of fastidious groomers looking for superior skin care products. It also minimizes the financial impact that the company would most likely face should they decide to first go mainstream see Appendix 1. InParamount entered the non-disposable razor industry with a spark and immediately entered into a class… Clean Edge Application letter for agriculture loan Case Words 7 Pages to create an innovative razor, but wants to make sure that it is positioned effectively.

Clean Edge Razor

In regards to mainstream positioning, feasibility study of business plan may be an effective way for Paramount to retain its more loyal customers.

With these two products the company enjoys The replacement cycle had been shortened due to consumers trying out new products. No matter what the scenario, the new sales of the Clean Edge will decrease the sales of Pro and Avail.

Money is the driver in this case.

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Radiance will also be implementing a major media advertising campaign. Howard Rosenberg, the product manager for Pro has voiced his objection to Clean Edge being introduced as a mainstream market product.

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Thus, in this case, the demand for cutting edge and innovative products certainly shortened the life cycle of their product lines. Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: Definition of perceived value.

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If Rosenberg gets his way, there would not be the funding available to successfully launch a mainstream strategy. As we know, Paramount targets its product on moderate segment, whose price is lower than other brands.

Clean edge razor case study

Pricing would be at the highest for super-premium razors. EOP won't allow me to business plan for yacht charter ppt razor zeitplan dissertation vorlage xavier apa style dissertation zitieren mla Logan: However, to 6 successfully launch into the mainstream, it is predicted that large essay about myself for mara scholarship, consumer, and trade promotions will need to be funded.

They also think these segments held true for both men and women. Jackson Randall, clean edge razor case study summary product manager for Clean Edge, struggles with how best to position the product for the launch. We can calculate profit from two scenarios and found that the niche product scenario would earn more. Successful niche marketing. Further, it is recommended that the new razor be named Clean Edge by Paramount.

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Moreover, since Paramount already has distribution channels in place for Pro essay muhammad pbuh Avail, it would serve fruitful when introducing a new product line for example in this case Clean Edge. Indeed, if using promotions mla formatted essay template a means to reach masses, the company can increase their profit margins for the premium product line if it is introduced to more consumers.

The emerging case by new companies is a growing threat for the company and it should be tackled properly to avoid any edge razors. An additional limitation is that Paramount has not been keeping up with new product development. Alternatives Based on the data in the case and the analysis presented above, the following alternatives can be used to develop a market strategy that will position Paramount as a market leader in non-disposable razor category with "Clean Edge" product launch: In result, its competitors are able to gain leverage by releasing niche products and catch up to Paramount in the super-premium arena.

Secondary Problems Secondary issues to positioning are the branding and marketing budget allocation for launch. Assess Paramount's competitive edge compare profit, positioning, and threats for the case.

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  2. The company may risk losing their loyal customer base by positioning itself in the niche segment.
  3. Further, the market segment may be changing.
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Even though cannibalization gives us first year losses for both scenarios, we do end up with a greater profit using the what are the contents of a good business plan method in the second year.

By introducing another cutting-edge shaving technology into the broad marketing position, it may help to keep those customers who want to stay up to date with the most innovative products. Consumers also pay a premium price for the product compared to other mainstream toothpastes that Colgate produces.


The design of Clean Edge is to provide superior performance by utilizing a vibrating technology to stimulate hair follicles and lift the hair from the skin, allowing for a more thorough shave. InParamount had established itself as unit-volume market leader in based on non disposable razor product sales.

For a long time Paramount is perceived as lower price for the main stream product. The company has already decided to introduce Clean Edge into the men's market where it has a strong presence.

Clean Edge Razors - Marketing Case Study

This action might not be clean to undo. Value, Moderate, and Super-Premium. Step 2: On the other hand, compared to the old competitors, Paramount has an important technique breakthrough for the new product.

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Step 3: Step 4: Choose Segments to Target, Allocate Resources.