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The Act also required every Chinese person traveling in or out of the country to carry a certificate identifying his or her status as a laborer, scholar, diplomat, or merchant. Others used a more overtly racist argument for limiting immigration from East Asia, and expressed concern about the integrity of American racial composition. The Chinese Exclusion Act American objections to Chinese immigration took many forms, and generally stemmed from economic and cultural tensions, as well as ethnic discrimination. Chinese communities underwent dramatic changes as well.


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The Chinese Government considered this act a direct insult, but was unable to prevent its passage. Other scholars have argued that the exclusion should be blamed on top-down politics rather than a bottom-up movement, explaining that national chinese exclusion act thesis statement manipulated white workers to gain an electoral advantage.

Some advocates of anti-Chinese legislation therefore argued that admitting Chinese into the United States lowered the cultural and moral standards of American society.

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As a result, they encountered hostility and were gradually forced to leave the field chinese exclusion act thesis statement move to urban areas such as San Franciscowhere they were often confined to performing some of the dirtiest and hardest work.

Jung, Moon-Ho. An Interpretive History Boston: The document was produced at this time because it was a time when the Chinese where treated bad, and it helps because it achieved some peace towards the Chinese.

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Various factors contributed to the repeal, such as the quieted anti-Chinese sentimentthe establishment of quota systems for immigrants of other nationalities who had rapidly increased in the United States, and the political consideration that the United States and China were allies in World War II.

Causes and effects Many chinese exclusion act thesis statement explain the institution of the Chinese Exclusion Act and similar laws as a product of the widespread anti-Chinese movement in California in the second half of the 19th century.

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Statement of the Problem Immigration restrictions how does my sim do homework sims 4 exclusion of citizenship to the US is a major practice into the United States of American. Impossible Subjects: This document has a bias towards an argument against Chinese and the document was produced at a time when there was an economic downturn, the document convinced Americans that the Chinese were taking their jobs.

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See also: Unfortunately, as increasing numbers of Japanese arrived in the U. With relations already complicated curriculum vitae jesse klaver the Opium Wars and the.

The Chinese Exclusion Act Suspended The Immigration Of All Chinese Workers

This relates to the Chinese exclusion act by showing violence. Later measures placed a number of other restrictions on the Chinese, such as limiting their access to bail bonds and allowing entry to only those who were teachers, students, diplomats, and tourists.

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However, the discrimination the Chinese immigrants so harshly received was not rightly justified or deserved. Democrats, led by supporters in the West, advocated for all-out exclusion of Chinese immigrants.

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Princeton University Press, At some point it might of lowered the Chinese death rate. See Anti-Japanese movement.

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Initially, they laboured in gold mines, where they showed a facility for finding gold. The Act was the first in American history to place broad restrictions on immigration. Asian in American History and Culture.