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Develop and apply critical thinking skills for problem identification; 3. Why is dialogue important and what happens when it breaks down? To prepare them for this activity, you need to give them some practice in inferring information not directly said or given. She is also member of several scientific societies worldwide. That is, if the story ends on a sad note, they should change it to a happy ending or vice versa. Professor Torres has developed her academic and research career in the areas of Slavic and Medieval Studies.


The students discuss and share their topics with their group members under your guidance.

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The students should make a draft of their alternative endings, adding, removing or modifying characters or situations. Cause-and-effect relationship: To prepare them for this activity, you need to give them some practice in inferring information not directly said or given.

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What critical thinking unit do images and feelings play in arguments and other forms of persuasion? Activity 3: You could note down three of the best questions, and have a discussion on how these questions best bring out the theme s of the text and any underlying meanings.

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A big book is, as the name suggests, a large book containing an interesting and varied collection of literary and non-literary texts on a theme, with illustrations. Then the groups can take a day or two to finalise their drafts, with feedback from each other and the teacher.

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They learn to apply these skills to real cases from philosophy and other disciplines. The skill of forming opinions, or developing ideas, about something from information supplied in a text.

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Demonstrate an application of knowledge of the major creative problem solving methods in practice; 4. After some practice, give the students the main activity, which gives them practice in drawing inferences from a literary text. Recognise the need for critical and creative problem solving techniques in the contemporary business environment; 2.

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Writing that is original and imaginative. Talk Critical Thinking: Evaluating a literary text Activity 2 One way to develop higher-order thinking skills is to have students evaluate a text.

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Supplementary assessment is not available in this unit except in the case of a bachelor's pass degree student who has obtained a mark of veterinary technician essay to 49 overall and is currently enrolled in this unit, and it is the only remaining unit that the student must pass in order to complete their course.

This exercise will expose them to the underlying meanings of a text and will prepare them to read and enjoy original and more challenging pieces of literature. What are the limits of rational argument?

As a language teacher in a literature class, you can exploit this situation by engaging students in group and pair activities to read sections of texts and then creative writing t shirt their opinions about characters in the text, for example, or the style of writing — whether it is interesting, humorous, tragic, and so on.

Further information is available in the unit outline. Each group collates all the literary texts produced by each member and binds them into a large book. Teacher support information The literature class gives a teacher the opportunity to engage students in discussions about the ideas expressed in literary texts. Identify important issues in overcoming resistance to change and implementing new ideas in organisations; and 6.

Susana Torres Prieto is PhD.

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