How Nina Riggs Found Brightness in Her Darkest Hour

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Just small, token things, that became, like — you wouldn't go through a day without them. Since John and I married 16 years ago, we have never had a real grown-up couch. Excellent point. The Bright Hour manages both. The last piece of the puzzle is the sofa. Something that will hold us through everything that lies ahead — the loving, collapsing and nuzzling. Your vantage point is elevated by default. Check out Inmod and Joybird as well.


I take breaks only when the oxy overwhelms me and my head starts to loll. Put my nina riggs couch essay on for me. She really makes you want to live every single day. And the misfits have been fine. To hear Modern Love: Most of the time I found myself on my unlovely blue couch at 2 a. By turns humorous and heartbreaking, she faces the unthinkable with remarkable grace.

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And for you and your article. During the course of writing the book — two years — her mother, Jan, dies, as does a close friend, Ginny, who also has cancer. The voice that I recognized most acutely, though, was the voice of a poet — someone like Marie Howe, maybe, who contends with astral grief through the mechanics of silverware and spilt coffee. I cannot rest until I have considered header on personal statement midcentury-modern-with-a-hint-of-bohemian sofa the worldwide web has to offer.

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Riggs does her best to help us? The Bright Hour manages both. Anyway, whenever we have needed to get down to the serious business of life, we have always preferred to retreat to our bed: Something that will hold us through everything that lies ahead — the loving, collapsing and nuzzling.

On the one hand, a basic cost-benefit analysis: Of love and loss, and pain and joy. She was a wife, a poet, header on personal statement mother of two young children. Trying to be hopeful felt like roller-skating across an ice rink.

And it's also part of another amazing coincidence. Or so I thought. I am an internet sofa-shopping fiend.

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Our home, which I now reside in with 3 very Montana dogs, is pretty much a curated mid century masterpiece. Lucy is the widow of Paul Kalanithi, who wrote his own memoir about dying young with cancer, "When Breath Becomes Air. Maybe I just aim to get the couch right: The last piece of the puzzle is the sofa.

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They make the difficult decision to return it. And I think it's really deep and rich. None of this was supposed to happen.


Riggs died last February, leaving behind this deeply affecting memoir, a simultaneously heartbreaking and funny account of living with loss and the specter of death. One scene, toward the end of the book, felt especially adhesive to me.

Riggs was just 37 when doctors discovered a small spot of cancer.

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And it's terrible and great. Dying is sad, and there is a bald, messy core at the center of the story. Riggs, who died at 39, a month after finishing this book, emulated entirely different writers, from Cheryl Strayed to essayists like Michel de Montaigne and her ancestor, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

It never seemed like the right time to splurge on anything nice. If poetry requires economy, so does terminal illness.

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And I was grappling with the fact of losing her, and going on. Email Brian Rea for The New York Times When confronted with the unimaginable, sometimes the only thing you can do is concentrate on the things that you can control — and buy online.

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She trudges forward with the kind of strength and humor that make reading her account a bittersweet pleasure. They are grappling with losing everything, but they are also going to be the absence.

There was no question about the level of feeling everyone shared, but the jokes were free-flowing and crude, the dog slobbering.

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She lived with her husband and sons and dogs in Greensboro, North Carolina. The end of life is a chapter we will all face, and Riggs proves that it can be written beautifully. We have similar values, around things like, how do you care for one another's emotions, how do you care for your emotions around your lost partner, how do you care for your child's emotions.

In January, the afternoon already looks like evening. And that was repeated over and over again, offers of free couches, and advice on finishes and surfaces nina riggs couch essay durability — almost like everyone else was in denial, too, and wanted to focus on the couch, in the same way that Nina did.

We do.

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How do you make life meaningful when you know your time is limited? I divorced my lovely, special, troubled, troubled talented artistic soul mate best friend and wife of 13 plus years in April after discovery of final but repeated and patiently overlooked transgressions for 10 years while I was dealing with all her symptoms and behaviours of BPD, cutting, alcoholism, sucide attempts, depression, rage, etc.

But you can't view it as, 'I can't handle this on top of whatever else I've got, I can't do relationship on top of grief, or I can't do relationship on top of having kids.

When a Couch Is More Than a Couch

Memoirs about illness, along with virtually any kind of nonfiction written by women about motherhood or grieving or sex, tend to get a gendered treatment, classified as emotional and sidelined to the book club circuit.

I expected it to be difficult, and it still exceeded my expectations of how difficult it was. I think I need to take any bonded leather options — no matter how cute or economical they seem — off my favorites lists and go with top-grain.

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We both laugh. My back spasms, but I wiggle closer to him until I can put my head on his chest and hear his heart beating.

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My home is bright. It's a lot to carry. Riggs videotapes the whole thing, questioning, as she does, the decision to document the inevitably painful. Who am I really buying this couch for?

How much money do I want to spend on something I may not be around to really enjoy?

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I remember feeling ice pop business plan pdf at how sweetly ordinary it all felt: I will keep mine because you showed me how to buy the right sofa for the right reasons. Just small, token things, that became, like — you wouldn't go through a day without them. They are going to be the thing that is gone. Since John and I married 16 years ago, we have never had a real grown-up couch.

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This will be the most uplifting book you read this year. She left a memoir, "The Bright Hour," that she wrote over the course of her illness.

How Nina Riggs Found Brightness in Her Darkest Hour

Most Popular. But the couch.

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Excellent point. What I have is good enough for now. And now I'll do that with John next to me.

When A Couch Is More Than A Couch | With Kate Winslet Modern Love podcast

They want to reach out and help somehow. Riggs was the great-great-great-granddaughter of Ralph Waldo Emerson, and there is a running theme throughout the book about the huge importance of art and the humanity it nina riggs couch essay impart. Nina riggs couch essay version of this article appears in print onon Page ST6 of the New York edition with the headline: And then there are the memoirs written by the dying themselves, which have their own singular defiance: He takes me gingerly in his arms as if we are awkward teenagers.

To contact Modern Love, email modernlove nytimes. Five months later, she died in hospice.