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Regardless of placement, each non-textual element must be numbered consecutively and complete with caption [caption goes under the figure, table, chart, etc. Research papers present the process of testing hypotheses or models and how their findings help shape or advance a particular research topic. Avoid providing data that is not critical to answering the research question. Bates College;Burton, Neil et al. Confusing figures with tables. The page length of this section is set by the amount and types of data to be reported.


If raw data is to be included, place it in an appendix or set of appendices that are referred to in the text.

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The background information you described in the introduction section should provide the reader with any additional context or explanation needed to understand the results.

An excerpt from the results section of a psychology report General and specific knowledge scores were analysed separately by 2 Instruction Condition x 2 Test Phases ANOVAs with repeated measures on the second factor.

These negative results that do not support a particular hypothesis should be noted in the results section, and then explained in the Discussion section.

Next, we examine the Discussion and Conclusion section. Related Posts.

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  • Following this, present a content analysis of one end of the spectrum of the survey or data table.
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Ignoring negative results. Try to write in the past tense and the active voice to relay the findings since the research has already been done and the agent is usually clear.

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Reporting Research Findings. For example, you may have noticed an unusual correlation between two variables during the analysis of your findings. The page length of this section is set by the amount and types of data to be reported.

Discussing or interpreting your results. However, the following steps can be used to compose the results of most scientific research studies and are essential for popular mechanics thesis who are new two pages double spaced essay preparing a manuscript for publication or who need a reminder of how to construct the Results section.

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University of Florida. Do not use phrases that are vague or non-specific, such as, "appeared to be greater or lesser than Bates College; Schafer, Mickey S. Findings can only confirm or reject the hypothesis underpinning your study.

Examples of results sections

It is also a good idea to summarize key findings at the end of this section to create a logical transition to the interpretation and discussion that follows. Content In general, the content of your results section should include the following: Previous parts explored how to write an introduction for a research paperliterature review outline and formatand how to write a fat tax in australia essay methodology.

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Separating the data into separate graphs makes it easier for the reader to assess the findings, and consolidating this information into one figure saves space and makes it easy to locate all of the most relevant results. The findings of your research should be included in a separate section of your academic article, as it is the only section that contains data and results.

If there are multiple variables being considered within one or more research questionsit can be a good idea to split these up into separate figures.

How to Clearly Report Your Research Findings

The graph research paper results section sample that 5mg. Avoid providing data that is not critical to answering the research question.

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  • Remember you should only share clear and understandable data received during your work in this part.
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  • Bates College; Kretchmer, Paul.
  • Bibliography Definition The results section is where you report the findings of your study based upon the methodology [or methodologies] you applied to gather information.

Reporting Research Findings. However, the act of articulating the results helps you to understand the problem from within, to break it into pieces, and to view the research problem from various perspectives.

Draft your Results section using the findings and figures you have organized. Los Angeles, CA: New York: Inclusion of non-textual elements, such as, figures, charts, photos, maps, tables, etc.

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Try to be objective and provide only received data here. Annesley, Thomas M.

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Read your draft aloud to catch language errors grammar, spelling, and mechanicsawkward phrases, and missing transitions. Experimental Biosciences Resources.

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