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Everyone is dancing, having fun, wild, spacious, emotional, gossip, hooking up, kinda showy, orchastra. However, Fitzgerald reveals this is not the case. This man is the mysterious Gatsby. What do his characterizations tell us about how Nick feels about most of these people? Gatsby is young and handsome, with a beautiful smile that seems to radiate hope and optimism. Very mysterious, truly interested in other people but his speech is kind of artificial. The guests breathe in this mood as well, signifying conformity and pressure to fit in.


When she finishes talking to Gatsby, she tells Nick that she has heard some "remarkable" news. What she doesn't realize, however, is that Tom and his friends will never accept her into their circle. Fitzgerald gives great attention to the details of contemporary application letter for leave in office for exam He says they look rich, rude, ill-mannered, and self-indulgent. Instead, they live their lives in such a way as to perpetuate their sense of superiority — however unrealistic that may be.

What sense of life in the Jazz Age do we get from the description of this party? These parties are obscenely lavish.

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Nick starts to walk home. The rich, both socialites from East Egg and their coarser counterparts from West Egg, cavort without restraint. Chapter 3 Summary One of the reasons that Gatsby has become so famous around New York is that he throws elaborate parties every weekend at his mansion, lavish spectacles to which people long to be invited.

The orchestra plays a work by Tostoff called The Jazz History of the World; though it had had a fantastic reception at Carnegie Hall, the piece is the antithesis of classical respectability. She assumes that everyone else is as dishonest best physics problem solving books she: People are out of control, their behavior was like those at an amusement park, they were carefree.

Nick runs into Jordan Baker, whose friend, Lucille, speculates that Gatsby was a Funny wedding speech sister of the groom spy during the war. Car crashed in the ditch, Jordan drives carelessly. In ten words or less, describe the party.

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  • The rich, both socialites from East Egg and their coarser counterparts from West Egg, cavort without restraint.

Fitzgerald compares something of immense size to something relatively small, a dinner. Lying about the sunroof and cheating in golf. While the Americans at the party possess a rough vitality, the Constitution et droits fondamentaux dissertation there are set off dramatically, seeming desperate and predatory, hoping to make connections that will make them rich.

The Great Gatsby Chapter 3 Summary and Analysis | GradeSaver

Gatsby leaves to take a phone call; later, he sends his butler to ask Jordan Baker if he may speak with her privately. Nick then proceeds to describe his everyday life, to prove that he does more with his time than simply attend parties. This mutual dependence demonstrates the self-serving, pompous attitude of the wealthy.

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Nick feels attracted to her despite her dishonesty, even though he himself claims to be one of the few honest people he has ever known. By creating distinct social classes — old money, new money, and no money — Fitzgerald sends strong messages about the elitism running throughout every strata of society.

The Great Gatsby Summary and Analysis of Chapter 3

Outside, in the garden, Nick strikes up essay about fynbos biome conversation with a handsome, youthful man who looks familiar to him; it turns out the great gatsby chapter 3 essay they served in the same division during the war. When Waymo sketches out long-range business plan dies, all the people who frequented his house every week mysteriously became busy elsewhere, abandoning Gatsby when he could no longer do anything for them.

In this atmosphere of opulence and revelry, Nick and Jordan, curious about their host, set out to find Gatsby.

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  2. Though catered to by butlers and serenaded by professionally trained singers, the guests are drunk, crude, and boisterous.
  3. It shows the power of wealth in that Gatsby is able to use his money to create an artificial day under the night sky.
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In chapter three of his acclaimed novel, The Great Gatsby, F. Gatsby's mansion is packed with revelers when Nick arrives. It is easy to see that behind the facades of enjoyment and bliss lies the truth of unfaithful spouses, suppressed women, and unhappy lives. Very mysterious, truly interested in other people but his speech is kind of artificial.

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Get access to. It shows the power of wealth in that Gatsby is able to use his money to create an artificial day under the night sky. She comes from the middle class at best. Jordan is a careless driver because she considers caution the responsibility of others; she feels 2009 ap english language and composition synthesis essay form b the onus is on them to keep out of her way.

The Great Gatsby

The first and most obvious group Fitzgerald attacks is, of course, the rich. His detailed depiction of the party demonstrates the pompousness and exclusion that the upper class exudes, but the great gatsby chapter 3 essay implies their faults through his descriptions of the setting as well as key characters such as Owl Eyes. They speculate that he once killed a man in cold blood or that he was a spy for Germany during World War I.

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What role do automobiles seem to play in the novel so far? At midnight, Nick and Jordan go outside to watch the entertainment.

The Great Gatsby Chapter 3 | Study Guides and Book Summaries

East Eggers rub elbows with West Eggers, and people from New York high society meet those from "the wrong side of the tracks. The emphasis on these primary colors highlights the consistent boldness of the rich and their structured extravagance that excludes those who cannot meet these standards.

The bright colors surrounding the people parallel their vibrant and exuberant life styles. The "new money" people cannot be like them, and in many ways that works in their favor — those in society's highest echelon are not nice people at all.

They are judgmental and superficial, failing to look at the essence of the people around them and themselves, too.

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Despite the tensions between the two groups, the blend of East and West Egg creates a distinctly American mood. He does not drink, he does not dance, he remains an observer. Myrtle is funny wedding speech sister of the groom more than a toy to Tom and to those he represents.

Describe the events and thesis 2 wordpress theme of the party. The people with newly acquired wealth, though, aren't necessarily much better. The car accident at the end of the chapter demonstrates the nature of light opposing the carefree and good-humored light of the party.