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Annotated bibliography on parenting styles, 29 mar. 2017, from doi:10.1515/cpp-2016-0018

She has worked as a teacher at a high school and have worked at the University of Minnesota. After covering all the styles, they go into further details of ways that parents can affectively and appropriately use the assertive parenting method. Kien 2 I wasnt very surprised by the results of these studies because I first chapter of dissertation a rational behind the results between boys and girls and their age and condition. This was a big factor because these parents have sufficient skills and resources to cope with many stresses unlike the parents who have not experienced good parenting themselves. This relates to my study because it first chapter of dissertation that no matter what ethnic group we are from the behavior of our parent is important and it shapes the way we approach the world. I also used this article because I think it illustrates really well what parenting really is all about. She then goes on to say how each of the four parenting types- Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and Uninvolved- are just variations of how much you demand and how much freedom you give.


It was also found case study california pizza kitchen boys living with one parent showed significantly more risk behaviors than those living with two parents. They have high expectations and exhibit complete control over the child. Theres a stigma going around that people are putting depression off to the side by saying that its just a phase.

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She also has a doctorate degree in School- Child Clinical Psychology and has worked in a medical center before in the psychiatry department. Paton, Graeme.

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I agree with this article because some parents and close friends may not know the amount of stress that one may be going through to make them depressed. It also makes sure to note which types of parenting, especially when it comes to discipline, helps develop self-control and restraint in the children studied.

Child maltreatment 6 Most of the sources I found always talked very negatively of Authoritarian parenting but this one acknowledged that there is benefits that can come from it.

Signs for when a teenager is going to commit suicide includes telling their loved ones goodbye or threatening that something will be better off when they are gone. Parents should pay more attention to the ways that annotated bibliography on parenting styles treat their kids, because most of the kids are sensitive and need to be treated equally.

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In her list, she starts off by covering the fact that these parents need help and support as well. They also found the neglectful parental behavior was directly associated with child aggression.

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Knutson, J. It has created a vivid picture to explain what behaviors the narcissistic people have and how the narcissistic culture could be spread so quickly in the last decades. This video relates to my inquiry because not only does it talk about depression warning signs in teenagers, but annotated bibliography on parenting styles also talks about suicide warning signs to look for in teenagers.

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She has worked as a teacher at a high school and have worked at the University of Minnesota. If the parents had low social status they were more likely to behave negatively towards the children because of the frustration and anger towards others.

The study looks at results between genders and age of the adolescents and if there are any correlation between risk factor and depression. D University in Rohtak in the field of psychology. Bravo, Amaia.

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The writer is Joyce Walker. It can be pressure to do better in school or the teenager is going through a rough moment in life that can cause stress like a breakup or having arguments with family or peers.

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It shows that caregivers most of the time, do not notice the child is exhibiting risky behaviors that could correspond with depression until it is too late to notice. Negative interparental conflict strategies and parenting styles. Kol, Suat.

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Underwood, M. Amrita Yadava also works at M. Annotated bibliography on parenting styles Paperback, This was a big factor because these parents have sufficient skills and resources to cope with many stresses unlike the parents who have not experienced good parenting themselves. Even though they found that only mothers spanking causes aggression issues I still think this study is really powerful because it brings to light the issues with some forms of punishments.

Rosenthal, Dr. Deptula, Daneen. This study examines the relationship between maltreatment and childhood aggression.

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I think this is an important article to read because this knowledge can help parents find ways to build real confidence in their children with appropriate parenting styles. The results were significantly different. It can allow the parents to open their eyes more and see beyond if there is a someone in the family who have had depression or a substance abuse problem. Bates, John.

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Hartstein mentioned small changes in personality can tell others that they are depressed. And giving children wacky names is one of the ways for parents to make their children unique and unusual. I used this article as a source because it was written by a trusted doctor so I can be confident in the things she is reporting.

Parents who have low permissive style have children with more depression than those with high permissive style. This study examines and reports the correlation between parenting techniques and children's self-criticism both in their youth and later in adulthood, roughly around ages 12 and This would put them at an increased risk of developing depression.

Aggressive is a parent that runs the house on fear but does get things done. Henry, David.