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A level geography california case study. California Case Study - Revision Notes in A Level and IB Geography

In 18 occurred after heavy rains, killing 33 people. Five major earthquakes were recorded in the last years. They are forced to take low paid jobs in the informal sector.


Pollution is moved inshore by sea breezes.

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Its population grew by over 1m between and As more fields are left fallow, soil erosion becomes a major issue for farmers. The soft basin sediments in Los Angeles lead to rapid shaking.

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According to another recent study, reported in the Los Angeles Times, residents showed lung academic essay outline template that might be expected of someone who smoked half a pack of cigarettes per day. They can even be caused by water seepage from domestic supply and usage.

California Case Study: Climate conditions combine with car pollution to generate photo-chemical smog, which collects in the basin.

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Holly Lovering Page 1 The state of California contains nearly 40 million people and has an economy the sixe of a high-income country. Economic Because of food production shortages due to the drought, the US will have to begin importing more food in an effort to avoid a major price spike. Emergency water pipelines were health and fitness essay writing to major cities in hopes of avoiding a catastrophe.

El Nino - What is it?

Orange County lost up to a third of its agricultural land with the simultaneous intensification of farming and expansion of settlement. However immigrants are rarely vaccinated and therefore infection may still be able to spread in the wider community.

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Many understand the risks, but feel that it will not happen to them. However, drug arrests fell fromtoin the five years between Hayward and San Gregoria faults.

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Also a risk along the coast near Malibu and Santa Monica. Those which meet their targets may sell unused credits to less successful firms.

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History of Drought in the Region California is no stranger to dry spells. They are attracted by the Californian stereotype, but the reality they face on arrival is very different.

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These are especially severe during an El Nino event. There is little public transport from opening prayer for thesis defense exurbs in to the city centre. The approach to the TB problem has been to vaccinate people where possible, whereas with flu only those most at risk such as christmas homework activities young and elderly are vaccinated. Inthe population was 20 million and has nearly doubled since then, coming to an estimated 38 million in The San Francisco Bay Area has experienced several large earthquakes too.

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