An approach to interviewing adolescents

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He is aware of the conflict between his parents and his desire to have a relationship with his how do you reference a movie title in an essay and resolves the issue by considering living independently apart from his parents. At the sixth stage, the person has an autonomous character, a strong sense of inpiduality and a desire to deal with inner conflict. We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed Human development is a continuous process. Therefore, clinicians need to continue to develop their approach and communication skills with their adolescent patients. Have you ever been in trouble with the law? Does it examine patterns and relationships among various pieces of data? Is the description careful, detailed, and nonjudgmental? P problem — define the problem A alternatives — list possible alternative solutions and list their pros and cons S select an alternative T try it help in how to do this may be needed [eg, how to increase your chance of successfully quitting smoking or being abstinent] E evaluate your choice and modify it as needed, or even reselect Many adolescents make the transition to adulthood without a lot of stress or turmoil.


The health care provider adolescent case study questions deliver information in such a way as to allow the patient to participate in their own care to the limit of their capabilities developmentally, physically and emotionally, whether they have a short term, chronic or life-threatening condition 1. Introduction essay Adolescence is the period between twelve to eighteen years where physical and psychological changes take place.

Adolescent medicine. You will also receive a case to review on that date. Steinberg L, Levine A. We recommend keeping a notebook or setting aside a section of your log for this purpose. Brian simple critical thinking questions and answers established a relationship with a girl even without the approval of his parents.

Most adolescents are at the shadow banking essay level which is known as the conventional level of moral reasoning. How many hours?

This approach allows: MacKenzie RG. The sex of the physician may be important to the comfort of undergraduate curriculum vitae template patients. Ego Development Jane Loevinger has described seven stages of ego development, e. These theories are based on the hypothesis that inpiduals pass through stages in which specific types of conflicts are to be resolved and the way they resolve these conflicts will influence their adult personalities.

Building decision-making skills is the cornerstone of this task. Some girls prefer to consult with a female physician for discussions and necessary physical examinations around sexuality and contraception issues, while boys may wish to see a male physician instead.

You will receive feedback on your case from a faculty reader by December 9. Does the case provide an adequate understanding of the contexts within adolescent case study questions the student is operating and how these influence his or her development?

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Some prefer to see the adolescent alone first and have the parent join them later. Norton and Company, Inc. This may be repeated often at subsequent visits. Do you feel safe at home? He is aware of the conflict between his parents and his desire to have a relationship with his girlfriend and resolves the issue by considering living independently apart from his parents.

However, it is important for the youth to understand that as part of the acceptance of their new mature role in their health care, they should expect to see the health professional alone for part or all of the visit this time or in the future. Without clarifying the limits of confidentiality you may adolescent case study questions get incorrect or incomplete information during your history taking.

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A useful adjunct to this second approach is to have the parents write a letter about their concerns and send it to the office before the visit. Part or all of the visits, especially during history taking, should be without the parent present. Dubuque, Iowa: The opportunity to change physicians should be brought up by the doctor. Erikson, E. Frazar GE.

  1. It is also at this time that decisions concerning alcohol and substance use are often made.
  2. Have you ever been in trouble with the law?

At stage 3 in the conventional level, moral decisions are guided by conforming to the standards of others we value. One of the challenges of adolescent medicine is helping your patients in finding a path to a healthy lifestyle they are comfortable with.

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Have you used protection for sexually transmitted diseases or birth control? Are you satisfied with your weight?

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You And Your Adolescent: Approach to the adolescent in the clinical setting. Do you participate in sports? Reasons for this approach are: You will also the opportunity to have your case study reviewed by a peer and by a faculty member before completing the final version.

There are variations of this issue in the various provinces. Kohlberg, L. Harper and Row. Suicide and depression Do you feel down or depressed much of the time? Do you have a job? How often do you have sex? All rights reserved This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Children and society. Safety violence and abuse Have you ever seen or been the victim of violence? Santrock, J. Some physicians start the interview with an adolescent by detailing the law and the facts of confidentiality and its exceptions in the circumstances of serious thoughts of homicide or suicide, or recent physical or sexual abuse.

Hancourt Brace and Company. Are you dating?

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The psychopathology of everyday life. You are encouraged to revise your case following the case conference and additional feedback. Do you have use of a car?

Case Studies in Child, Adolescent, and Family Treatment, 2nd Edition

Continuity of care is a strong building block to the therapeutic alliance, but adolescents are willing to rebuild a relationship with a new person who shows them respect and apa best way to conclude an expository essay research paper guide listen to their concerns. Are data kept distinct from analysis? Nolen-Hoeksema If the adolescent has been a patient since childhood, the physician needs to make the youth and the parent aware of the change in relationship as the young person matures.

Orlando, FL: The PASTE mnemonic apa format research paper guide useful in teaching these skills and may be demonstrated with a number of problems that the adolescent may be facing. Is the paper well written: This approach starts with nonthreatening, open-ended, nonjudgmental questions and progresses to more sensitive areas such as sexuality, feelings of depression common app essay writers thoughts of suicide.

Choose a student who poses a puzzle or questions for you, not someone with whom you identify strongly. However, the common law a literature review Canada clearly states that a minor can give informed consent to therapeutic medical treatment providing they can understand the information yellow pages business plan the dissertation philosophique exemple de conclusion treatment and can appreciate the attendant risks and possible consequences.

Pediatr Clin North Am. If Brian is unsuccessful in making changes, he will not develop a sense of confidence, values and a positive identity. If they actually want the friend with them during the visit because this may make them feel more at ease, it is appropriate to agree. In this stage, the adolescents begin to accept their physique and gender role, establish relationship with age mates, become emotionally independent from their parents and families, develop intellectual and social skills, and prepare for a career and family life.

We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed Human development is a continuous process. While in college, he aims to get a college varsity scholarship and a part-time job. Performance at school report card if possible.

An approach to interviewing adolescents

Freud, S. Atkinson, E. This privacy will allow for more confidentiality and a chance to take a more detailed history. Informed consent in children and adolescents. He will also experience role confusion, which will result in low self-esteem and will become socially withdrawn. If Brian successfully resolves the conflicts in each psychosexual stage, he would develop a loving, healthy and mature adult personality.

Is the description careful, detailed, and nonjudgmental? It does not end when a person reaches physical maturity.

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He has shown concern with the welfare of other people but he has not thought about the consequences of his actions. Kohlberg claimed that everyone progresses through the levels in order, from lowest to highest, and not everyone reaches the highest level of moral development.

Brian encounters new worlds of abstract concepts and discusses hypothetical situations and problems. Have you ever been pregnant? Need essay sample on "Human Growth and Development: Also, if the adolescent does not mention these concerns, the doctor may ask about them in adolescent case study questions less threatening way without the parents present.

Have you ever failed or repeated a grade? Some useful references for parents are included in the bibliography. Introduction to psychology. However, he has taken the issue of the conflict between his parents and his desire adolescent case study questions have a relationship with his girlfriend seriously as he plans to live independently after high school.

The genital stage is the period from puberty through adulthood when adolescent case study questions person has renewed sexual desire that is fulfilled through heterosexual pleasure such as having relationships with members of the opposite sex. Are you sexually active now?

Have you ever been forced to have sex? What motivates him or her? Have you ever had sex? Have you thought first grade homework pages hurting yourself?

It is possible to get the youth to disclose to the family something that is advantages and disadvantages of being rich and famous essay or that would be helpful for them to know; however, this may take some time. Brian is behaving recklessly as he bullies other schoolmates in order to be accepted by his group.

In addition, they are more concerned with undergraduate curriculum vitae template like fairness and are able to empathize with other people. Does it examine patterns and relationships among various pieces adolescent case study questions data? Piaget believes that all people go through the same four stages, e.