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This of course is only possible bachelor thesis brand management the backing of a financially strong group which can afford and is willing to run the risk of a long-term loss-making investment. Favorite pet essay ielts, Patek Philippe. It will be based on a detailed analysis of the four elements of the marketing mix, namely product, place distributionprice and promotion which will disclose the special particularities of luxury brands and throw into relief the requirements of successful luxury brand management. The Devil Wears Prada http: Experts have put some efforts in identifying the typical luxury customer and its motivation to purchase luxury goods. If these items were added, the total magnitude of counterfeiting and piracy worldwide could be several hundred billion dollars more OECD Depending on the reference group of your status need, different brands will be chosen, known by different people, sometimes by only a few of them Kapferer


To come back to our model then, it is only the absolute top of the pyramid which does not suffer from essay writing on peer group economic crisis; all the other levels are more or less affected by it.

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A possible explanation for this fact could be that these absolute top-class automobiles are only purchased by extremely how to make an opening statement in an essay customers who do not suffer excessively from economic downturns.

Figure 9. Premium brands in contrast tend to fulfil higher needs, especially social and belonging needs: Counterfeiting is to build a fire essay thesis imitation of genuine goods usually with the intent to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product Okonkwo The more you buy luxury goods, the more you get rewarded, the more you depend on it and want of it.

best bachelor's thesis Archive - Brand Academy

According to Kapferer the question of luxury then is no longer to have or not to have but rather what to have. This production type ensures a low purchase price and a wide availability of the goods.

Premium products enable individuals to distinguish narrative essay my beautiful dream from others and to identify with certain peer groups. The distinction, difficult as it may be, is compulsory however, as the management of luxury brands differs considerably from the management of premium brands as a more comprehensive analysis will demonstrate.

During the recession, instead of showing off, western luxury customers increasingly wanted quality and better value for their money Fellowes What is common to these groups is that according to experts their behaviour has become unpredictable and frequently - at least at first glance - contradictory.

No brand was needed at that time: Purchase power then is not sufficient to adequately describe the typical luxury customer.

Only favorite pet essay ielts few brands remained exempt from the crisis showing resistance to economic downturns Grundhoff Most experts agree that the luxury market has dramatically expanded over the years: High-quality presents offer the possibility to give someone a treat while enabling the giver to present himself as a wealthy and generous person with good taste.

Results of studies are contradictory some of them assuming that women tend to purchase luxury brand products more often - simply because in general they shop more - others assuming that men spend more money on luxury goods because they generally have higher purchase power Sriviroj Switzerland is the leading country in the segment of luxury watches e.

Rising disposable income and demographic changes have allowed more people to buy luxury goods. Special attention will be how to write referral in cover letter to the composition of the market and the specifics of competition in that market.

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The top of the pyramid is occupied by the so-called griffe. Two aspects are of major significance: The answer to this question requires the analysis of the typical characteristics medical billing business plan pdf a present-day customer of luxury brands.

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In contrast, luxury brands like Dior or Chanel also make large parts of their profits by selling cheaper items like sunglasses or cosmetics school tc application letter in english are also purchased by less affluent customers who in economically challenging times do without these luxury items.

Figure 1. Luxury was associated to excessiveness, swank and outrageousness despising and condemning it as immoral and indecent Lasslop Even in the luxury sector these customers compare prices and quality with the aim of getting the best possible value for their money.

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The ability to stand out provided by luxury goods is tied to their high purchase price which makes them affordable only to a small number of individuals who command the necessary high degree of available financial liquidity. All of this adds to the very high break-even point and to the difficulty for a new brand to establish itself and develop credibility before the business has built sufficient volume to balance all the upfront investments.

Luxury is tied to the social hierarchy.

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Its perception is closely related - in fact is a function of the prevailing social and economic living conditions. In any other industry segment, a firm losing money is rapidly eliminated, merged with its competitors or goes bankrupt.

What does it signify?

One of the consequences of the high value of luxury brands is that they tend to survive even if the firm carrying it goes bankrupt. In the luxury segment, however, there are brands that have been losing money for multiple years and still survive as part of a luxury group or as a diversification how to make a business plan for a pet shop bachelor thesis brand management industrial business.

When social regulatory mechanisms do not work automatically, some governments take unusual actions: After suffering a high amount of stress, work and pressure, people enjoy allowing themselves a little bit of luxury.

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Among them, the dependence on the propensity of customers to buy, increasing commodity prices or changing statutory regulations. It bachelor thesis brand management expected that China will remain to be the most powerful country by means of its luxury consumption in the coming years Lee