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Introduction The directions below are representative of what students will encounter on test day. Your first time away from home for the night or longer. How does it lead to your becoming an international superstar? Where and when did they occur? An experience that was hard but ended up being worth it. Tell a Story About… Your first day of school. What genre would it be?


What are examples of things you want versus things you need? A summer day when the temperature got much higher than expected. Your essay must be written on the lines provided in your answer booklet; except for the planning page of the answer booklet, you will receive no other paper on which to write. What quality of which character strikes you as a good characteristic to develop within yourself over the years?

How does the author help you feel that you are really there in both realistic stories and fantasy? Although all of the sample essays were handwritten by students, they are shown typed here for ease of reading. Reading, Analysis, and Writing. A dangerous experience.

Tell a Story About…

Which is better, giant muscles or incredible speed? Is your ethnicity an important part of your identity?

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Do you make friends slowly or quickly? From what you've read so far, make predictions about what will happen next and explain what in the text makes you think it will happen. What causes racism?

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Only what you write on the lined pages of your answer booklet will be evaluated. Would you rather be very beautiful or very smart?

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Explain some of the things that you have learned so far that you are not likely to forget in the near future. Why do you think the author wrote this story? What is it about television violence that is so compelling to people? Try out the ones you think will resonate most with your students.

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A time when you rebelled against your parents or teacher. Describe that quality. Something embarrassing that happened to you.

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A birthday that was disappointing. Explain how a character is acting and why you think the character is acting that way. A big storm rain, snow or even a tornado! If a wizard could tell you anything about your future, what would you most like to know? What is something scary that you would like to try?

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A random act of kindness. Scores for the samples provided below were assigned on a scale according to the redesigned SAT Essay Scoring Rubric. Looking for more essay topics? What makes that object important to you?

What did you ask for, and what happened? The beginning of a friendship or relationship. Would you rather be loved or respected? Your most exciting moment playing sports. What is it? How so? A time when you saw one or both of your parents in a different light. Explain why.

What things do all kids know that adults do not? Do Americans have it too easy? Your first time away from home for the night or longer. Is this the best person to tell it? How does the author provide information or details to make the story seem realistic?

Write critical thinking allows you to inform us about the author. A time when you looked up to your reading essay prompts sibling. Describe it. A time when you went to an amusement park. Share what makes that person, place, or thing so special.

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Breaking a bone or otherwise suffering an injury. Explain the basic information that is being presented in terms of the 5W's: A time that the power went out. Write a summary of what you read in your book today.

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I wish my friends. A time persuasive essay word choice you got lost somewhere.

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A trip that included something unexpected or surprising. Send that email to yourself using FutureMe. Are most people more insecure or anxious than they let on?

50 Narrative Essay Topics

Reader Response Prompts for Nonfiction What makes you say that? An experience that you think has only ever happened to you! How much control over your life do you have? What is your first memory? A time that you experienced rejection.

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Each response has received a separate score for each of the three domains assessed: A time that you took a stand for someone or for an issue that you care about. In your essay, you should demonstrate that average cost of a small business plan have read the passage carefully, present a clear and logical analysis, and use language precisely.

A memorable experience with a favorite family member.