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This is best done at low tide and during stable weather conditions to ensure the safety of the surveyors. Direction and time of movement of the float is observed and recorded along the preset distance. Name of country: Environmental surveys Environmental surveys may be used to track pollution at a variety of sites. Know your theory The most common topics covered in the alternative cie geography alternative to coursework practical exams are:


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The higher the hydraulic radius, the more efficiently the river transports its load Gradient slope: This is the skills based paper. You will need to bring the following equipment to your examination.

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It should be up to date. These are the most common answers, of which at least two should always be applicable.

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Probably the most useful secondary data is census data. A tape measure is laid out close to the water to mark start and finish points of the investigation an appropriate distance should be selected beforehand A float is placed in the water and the start mark.

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Traffic counts can be performed to gain information on use of roads and means of travel, aiding urban planning. Evaluating hypotheses Evaluating hypotheses is one of the most scoring and most common questions on the paper. Direction and time of movement of the float is observed and recorded along the preset distance.

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Primary data: It will look like this [5] Example In this question you will need to give 5 reasons why the governments of MEDCs are concerned about the ageing population. You can use a variety of primary and secondary data.

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State whether it is true, partially true or false. In systematic sampling, the samples are selected from a list of elements in a regular pattern eg. Therefore, be sure to check that you have not missed tasks by checking for the square brackets to the right of the paper which indicate the number of points you get.

Stopwatch A compass is used to measure direction eg.

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This page summarises the main skills that you will need to learn to triumph in the exam hall. Example In this question you need to focus on the people aged 75 and over bar graph with dots if you look at the other bar with the hashed line this will not get you any marks for this question.

Cie geography alternative to coursework not you will likely lose at least one mark from the total [3] it is worth.

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A good questionnaire cie geography alternative to coursework contain both closed and open-ended questions, so as cover letter where to put salary requirements ask for the opinions of the participants, while also making the questions relevant and precise. Secondary data: Everyone has personal bias, so this is not necessarily bad, but you should recognise this in your methodology and evaluation.

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  2. Movement of the propeller created a digital reading that notes the speed of the water.
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  4. These are the most common answers, of which at least two should always be applicable.
  5. Questions should be organised in a logical manner.

In stratified sampling the samples are divided into strata categories by some characteristics eg. Secondary data collection maybe found in books, on the internet, in academic journals, etc.

This is very hard to achieve because even the design of data collection forms are influenced by people's opinion. More detail on these fieldwork techniques can be found at the Royal Geographical Society.

Certain questions especially in Physical Geography such as the units on Rivers and Coasts will ask you to explain the formation of a certain feature. Systematic sampling is used to give a more representative result.

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Please refer to the notes on Weather, Climate and Ecosystems for how to use the weather instruments and Paper 2 for data representation. Even if they do not specifically ask for one and you have the time you can quickly sketch on in on the left hand side of the question in the blank space there. Answer cie geography alternative to coursework questions Many students lose points because they overlook some of the questions has happened to me as well.

Ignore that information completely!

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Alternatively, the weight of a rock may be recorded uing a spring balance and a plastic bag. Always read the question carefully and follow instructions to the letter.

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For each hypotheses: Any data that has been collected by someone else. This is when data collection is not influenced by people's personal opinion.

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Give a reason for your answer Use statistics to support your answer State any anomalies Support anomalies using figures data How surveys can be improved Each paper that I have seen students critical thinking development far, asks how survey collection methods can be improved.

China Policy: When constructing a questionnaire, it is very important to use the right structure and layout, as well as asking the right questions. First, the weight of the empty plastic bag is recorded.