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Clean worms were used for all subsequent BATs. Visit a friend who has a dog with Mum and Dad. Palo Alto, CA: Development of her phobia was not apparent and she was not able to pinpoint a single traumatic or frightening event that may have led to the onset of her phobia. She explained that stepping on worms was currently her greatest fear.


  • When asked who their mother was, Hans replied 'Why, mummy, and you're their Granddaddy'.
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The participant reported intense physiological anxiety and avoidance behav- ior in situations where worms could be encountered. Downloaded from ccs.

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He is a professor of clinical psychol- ogy at Minnesota State University, Mankato. The purpose of this case study is to describe the multicomponent assessment and treat- ment of a severe phobia of earthworms.

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New York: For example, people in some cultures have strong beliefs in magic or spirits. Therefore, it was expected that only state anxiety scores would decrease because the goal of treatment was to reduce anxiety associated with specific situations and stimuli, not to alter behavioral dispositions. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, 23, Daniela Vanella Clinical When should you write your thesis statement Studies http: He knew that he could open the door at anytime, but I encouraged him to let his fear wane before opening the door.

The friend was asked to keep the outside light on.

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She actually thought them quite funny. A ranked list based on Year one spelling homework ratings was produced, resulting in the hierarchy used at the start of treatment see Table 2.

A case study of behavioral assessment and treatment of insect phobia.

Rapid inpatient behavioral treatment of choking phobia in children. Prediction of outcome after self- help and therapist-directed treatments.

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Thus, the con- ditioned stimulus by itself comes to elicit a conditioned response of fear. Her phobia was not a primary focus or con- cern in their relationship and was only an issue when the client became extremely upset.

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The client rates his or her anx- iety i love you because essay a scale from 0 towith 0 being no anxiety, and being the worst fear that one can possibly imagine. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 41, case study of animal phobia He was most frightened of horses which were drawing heavily laden carts, and, in fact, had seen a horse collapse and die in the street one time when he was out with his nurse.

The client referred her- self for treatment after learning about anxiety disorders and their treatment in one of her courses. The client was instructed to use these exercises before and during exposure sessions as a means for coping with anxiety.

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It is therefore possible that he supplied Hans with clues that led to his fantasies of marriage to his mother and his new large widdler. When his guide to writing a business plan pdf first was moved, Dick tried to use the stairs to get to his office. It is clear that exposure therapy has been extensively studied and is a very effective treatment.

Gasman, D. The client suffered from no other major fears or phobias, nor did she evidence any other physical or psychological difficulties.

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We did all of this without going back to see the Psychologist. We visited a Child Psychologist who recommended we set up a goal and break it down into achievable steps to help Zac overcome his fear.

Freud's Interpretation of Hans' Phobia

Because he recognized the irrationality of his fear he did not know of anyone who had been harmed in an elevator he willingly agreed to do exposure therapy. Critical Evaluation The case study of Little Hans does appear to provide support for Freud's theory of the Oedipus complex.

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He even had to have a light on in his bedroom at night. Development of her phobia was not apparent and she was not able to pinpoint a single traumatic or frightening event that may have led to the onset of her phobia.

Clean worms were used for all subsequent BATs.

A case study of behavioral assessment and treatment of insect phobia.

Freud wrote a summary of his treatment of Little Hans, inin a case study of animal phobia entitled "Analysis of a Phobia in a Five-year-old Boy. Treatment continued in this fashion until all the hierarchy items were successfully completed.

  1. Because of his knowledge that he could let himself out, he was able to remain in the elevator with the door closed.
  2. We spoke about the fact that dogs were not allowed inside and Zac wrote about his feelings in a journal, to help him visualise the experience more clearly and rationally.
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However, she was able to recall an incident where she stepped on a worm and part of it got stuck in her shoe and part was hanging off her shoe. Although it is now well known that specific phobias can also be treated in a single session Ost,this approach was not taken in the current case because the client felt that this approach may be too overwhelming.

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Little Hans - Freud Han's father had a moustache. Videotape homework as a psychotherapy adjunct. We repeated the step once more to ensure that he had overcome this particular nervousness, before moving on.