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It is the teachers who decide on the aims, goals, and strategies of teaching to be implemented in classrooms. Many students would refuse to speak up and express their ideas for fear of ridicule. Furthermore, they need to figure out what makes the bin so attractive to the 'things'. As for the critical language learners, they must be able to carefully and deliberately determine to accept, reject or suspend judgment about a claim Moore and Parker, In the sample activity, questions 1 and 2 need creative thinking skills on the part of the learners. Ask learners to review the template for similarities between what they said in the discussion and what the template lists as components of academic writing. Start class with a warm-up discussion to elicit ideas about the structure of academic writing.


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If a pedagogical university instructor mispronounced or misused a word, most listeners would go on into critical thinking exercise understanding correlations own professional life and do the same, perpetuating the mistakes. This will put them in a right frame of mind and lead the learners into becoming a community of collaborative inquirers.

Many students would refuse to speak up and express their ideas for fear of ridicule. Work together to decide how to include information that is different on personal outlines.

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These teachers ignore, knowingly or unknowingly, the individuality of students. Attitude towards Students There are teachers who regard learners as empty vessels, which need to be filled with knowledge. Explain that this outline is a model of the structure, but that every article differs slightly as to how each of the core parts is structured.

Also needed is the change of teachers' views of themselves.

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Freire added that teachers tend to adopt the pedagogy of answers because they are sometimes afraid of questions to which they are unsure of the answers, and also because maybe the questions do not correspond to the answers they already have.

Explain that before trying to complete the outline, they should read the article once and make notes.

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Then, students could use their reverse outline for help in preparing and writing a second draft. First of all, the teacher needs to identify common but real situations or problems to be discussed by the learners.

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However, it is the view of this writer that merely using the language and knowing the meaning is not enough. Why must I study English if I may never use it in my future life? If you manage to give them the basics, they may use those acquired skills later in life and achieve considerable success in whatever they are doing. By giving answers, teachers deny the learners the opportunities and the right to question, to doubt and to reject.

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Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Costa and Marzano demonstrated this by using specific terminology, posing critical questions and creating new labels to structure perceptions Appendix 1.

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The process of problem-solving begins when the teacher listens to learners' issues. This means that teachers need to consider learners as individuals who are equals in a situation of genuine two-way communication Spener, Print enough copies of the outline template for each student.

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They determine and dictate the content, the importance of being earnest character analysis essay and processes of teaching and learning in classrooms. After learners have completed the outlines, bring the class back together as a group.

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Once you turn the sometimes boring process of learning the new lexis into a game it will become easier to remember the topical vocabulary. What is Needed Having said what is expected of creative and critical language learners, we ought to scrutinize the roles of the teachers as they have an enormous amount of responsibilities in classrooms.

Background The communicative approach to language teaching began to overshadow the systematic approach in the s. Explain that students will work together to create a new outline, using the directions on the board.

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