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What are the recommendations of types of questions in thesis defense study? What are the research variables you used? Beware they may be looking for you to dig a hole for yourself to invalidate your conclusions and analysis. Relate your study to current trends in your environment, office, economy, government, schools, church etc. At this point you have to state the source s you got data from. To answer this question, you may decide to elaborate on the problem investigated in the study. Based on your findings in a manageable scope, you should be able to suggest future research areas in line with your study. To answer this question, you must be familiar with your research methodology.


What advice dissertation introduction structure uk you give to yourself if you could go back to the start of your research?

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There is a loophole here! Anyways the question is simple, but a bit technical. What is the importance of your study or how will it contribute or add up to the existing body of knowledge?

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To ace this question, one will have to read extensively. At some point the need for justification will arise and that is when you will be asked to mention how your study will add to the body of knowledge if approved.

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So the range of questions that you will be asked can vary enormously as can the success criteria for answering a question well. Use this opportunity to thank your personal statement education masters members for their time and questions.

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Do you have any questions to be asked? Use of relevant examples and illustrations will score you good point here.

The next question to follow by default is why you chose this particular topic or what your inspiration behind this study was. You should be able to identify areas that will need more research. However, you should try your best to be realistic here.

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As discoursed above, you information system thesis sample not only state a particular method for the study. If possible attend those in your field so that you get a feel for what those people that will be listening to you speak on the day of your defense will react.


Why did you choose this particular research methodology over others that were available? You do not want the audience to doubt the validity of your conclusions or to believe that your data is any way flawed. Here you state if questionnaires were distributed or data was gotten from secondary sources.

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What are the implications of what you have found to society in general? Now you must be careful here. What would you change if you were to conduct the study again?

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If you could start over what would you have done differently? How would you improve your work? Dupont model essay For Writing. Dupont model essay you have discovered anything else if you had used a different approach? Go with the flow.

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What was your hypothesis and how you framed it? Not being able to answer these questions or answering them poorly is not going to help you pass. If you are going to give many presentations it is always useful to ask your audience to complete a presentation feedback form.

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