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They become curse for the nation. Generally, he is not a very pleasant sight. That is why most of the people hate beggars and think they are eyesores. They have a begging bowl or a sick in their hand.


They have to handover their earnings to the mafia which keeps a big chunk of it and leaves a minimum amount for these children to take home.

Essay on A STREET BEGGAR-New Speech Essay Topic They, sometimes, go from door to door and beg.

Condition of a street beggar is usually dirty and unclean. Some of the beggars are cheaters.

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Image Source: On the contrary a street beggar is earning more than a normal person. The beggars virtually loot money in the name of religion and God. The government should introduce some schemes and trainings through which they can earn their future living.

They do not use to collect the money in useful pursuits. The beggar who begs alms in the street is called a street beggar.

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The kidnappers, they sellers and the owners who make the kids beg, should be given exemplary punishments. The beggars usually found in filthy rags. He can't get enough food for his feeding. They suffer while their oppressors reap the benefits. He wears dirty and fade dresses. These beggars and specifically children come from backward areas of the country.

Begging, in no way, is justified.

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In this period he can't go out for begging or if he goes then he will pay more for this. He is known to all of us. Any organizations and governments are not come ahead for helping them. Most of such beggars are fit to work and can earn their living on their own.

There are quite a few how take to begging essay on time management in student life of it. Islam has strictly banned this practice.

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Our government has tabulated many strict rules for its prevention. By giving money you are encouraging those who are homeless to stay on the streets, The beggars are doing the beggary as essay on street beggars are lazy to work.

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He is seen sitting or standing everywhere in the street of towns or cities. He cannot become a social and active member of a society. However, there are some type of beggars who try and entertain us by signing and playing some musical instruments and joking tactics. Generally, he is not a very pleasant sight. Kids are kidnapped and sold to be trained and used for begging.

They try to rouse pity and sympathy of the essay on toys in english. Wherever you go, a beggar stares you in the face.

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His hair is disordered and without oil. This is the reason why most of the physically fit young persons are usually seen begging on the streets. It is our moral duty to help the weak, the hungry and the suffering people. Thus, we are encouraging them to continue their essay on street beggars habits using too much drugs and alcohol or helping them commit crimes and may cause them to die.

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Beggars are very commonly seen in approximately every cities and almost everywhere. A street dissertation juridique la rupture du contrat de travail may be able-bodied, blind, lame or crippled.

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They are asked to work and live. He begs from dawn to dusk and returns how with whatever he gets. He is seen in patched up and torn clothes. They are a common sight. A man who earns his livelihood by begging in a street is called a street beggar. Charity may be given but there should be poor houses for such disabled persons who really deserve charity.

Many evil essay on street beggars have come into existence because of it. In ancient times a person took to begging only when he had been very hungry for days together and had not been able to get hold of a job.

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As the word beggar means a person that begs for money or food, it does not mean the same as homeless or poverty stricken. He wears dirty clothes and has dusty and matted hair in order to get petty of people. If we fulfill our social and religious responsibilities, then no one will commit the bad habit of begging. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Many NGOs are working against street begging in Pakistan.

Friday, December 3, Street Beggar A street beggar is a very poor person who has to beg for his livelihood. A habitual beggar cannot work.