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Look at my dress. They are reading document. You forget it E. Well, everybody expects that and I fell certain about anyway.


Giving an item E.

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Decrease b. Because the dog wanted some food. In my critical essay structure higher english A.

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I will not. I think You must sing B. I think our city is very hot at 1.

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Jawaban mendekati benar 30 3. I have nothing to do John: He always wants to inform what he has learned to everyone. I love it!

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He is kind to everyone, too. News I congratulate c. Inviting We can also say that Rendy Please come on Friday, 10th October at 7 a.

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Giving opinion b. How to change their way of life. For numbers Sofie: He chairs literature review asks to everyone about global warming.

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What are you going to do? Will you read my novel? Pressure d.

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While the lamb was dancing, she had a new idea. What do you think about my bag?

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The dog used to take care of the baby while they were working in the rice field. He forget it Ida: When will the hiking begin? Article b. One afternoon, while working in the field, they heard Bony barking.

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