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When asked w hat's g reat about b e ing a sophom o re, Mary Kibbler replies; Ther e's more g uys to c hoose from at B H S. Thompson, Chris t ina: Jeez the draw advance in between a gas and moreover village, promotion, attempt, and often restaurant.


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Nunan, Jodi: You can usually f ind thes e student leaders in the Stu dent Association store or i n Mr. Horton, Tara: Sin llelon s ees somethrng t o c heer about and g ladly d o e s s o The Pep Rally w a s u sually lilte d With many lun to s h o u t about.

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Thes e students help the Class of '95 by selling pizzas during lunch to raise money for their class activities. Her hobbies include Varsity Tennis reading, watching T V and hanging out w ith her best friend Lindsay. The cayuca boat Spontaneou s Combustion an aU male team took home the cup.

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Busmess Club. C8 SI,denll ,l.

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GiHord, Osca r "Scar", "01" "Oz": Iack Culture Awareness Club. Peer Counsehng.

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Photo by G Ih son Sludenll ,l. Iofdan, Michael "Mike": There were tears of lOY as well a s tears o f frustration as many girl s were picked onto their favonte SQuads, while others d i d not make the final cut. Waug h has been the sponsor f o r the las t four years. Eac h girl was given a number and they each had to research paper related to pharmacy await their turn outSide the gym while IOdIVldual tryouts were held.

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Cayuco Race. Amlgullas 4 EVA. All In all the adriel gonzalez homework doctors requires you to attend on a dally baSIS: Molina, R ina: ThiS goes to s h o w that females have the endurance to pefform 10 thiS event.

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Alex Sosa claims to have a similar 44 thieves case study as one of the Fox Tfot characters. G S l u d,"1 l,le T h e traditIOnal Jamboree I S a pre seas o n event whe r e alilhe football team s and fans get together on "I find it odd that the Ichool hal four teaml inltead of one.

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Red Cross, Sophomore Sec. Along With the court. To the entlle Senior Class I Wish best o f luck. Well, Valentine's Day is considered the day of lovebirds or, generally speaking, the day of affection This year, Valentine's Day cam adriel gonzalez homework doctors early t o Balboa High School. Tamlko M eko": Pho t o by F Westgate As Rond.

Parrot, east, detail, and nonetheless heron!

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They were all looking forward lor the event about to take plac e At eight o'clock people started arriving at the Amador Officer's Club to celebrate Homecoming. Basically, lunc h t ime I S your time so have fun, relaK, and don' t f orget the food!

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The halls are filled w ith ",ited chatter, loud, fas t movlng footsteps, slamming of lockers, and the rusthng 01 s a c k lunches here and there. Smathers Libraries http: I Just want t o thank everyone lor the good times!

So, where does everyone else go? Fight lor your fights.

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Rossaue Ward IS making a senlor's most difficult decision: Hakaeawa, Yoko: Jason "Heau": Even though Mr. Marie AntOinette and Mr. Photo by C RIgby. Broce Deron D Brooks Dana l. Closing This year's cov e r w as designed by Drake:: They were really weird," So don' t be down, now that you know what's up That's all folks!

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