Nigeria @ 58- Happy Independence Day!

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The country joined OPEC in There is also eot case study local Premier League of football. The petroleum trade was flourishing and thus Nigeria advanced financially after independence despite the ongoing civil wars and assassinations. The dividends of our natural resources are not being felt because of the actions of the greedy people. In SeptemberNigeria won the U World cup for the third time, becoming the first African nation to have achieved that feat and the second nation after Brazil to do so.


Human rights Main article: Is it the senseless bloody three-year civil war that consumed millions of lives, political skirmishes, militarily intervention in our body politics?

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With the cover letter lppsa of oil prices during the oil glutthe s, Nigeria struggled to keep up with its loan payments and eventually defaulted on its principal debt repayments, limiting repayment to the interest portion of the loans.

Happy Independence Day my bachelor thesis brand management Even as you celebrate and showcase our wonderful culture, bear in mind that you are a part of a great nation that will only be greater when you decide to make things better.

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Now looking back at the path I tread Mistakes made in the past … years I hope on the present generation to fix them and make things right. The followers have been so docile. The country has a highly developed financial services sector, with a mix of local and international banks, asset management companies, brokerage houses, insurance companies and brokers, private equity funds and investment banks.

Yet, I grew, grew to become great. The education system has been described as "dysfunctional" largely due to decaying institutional infrastructure.

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The President broadcasts a live speech on television and radio to mark the commencement of Independence Day celebrations. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa but exactly how populous is a subject of speculation.

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Nigeria Independence Day Traditions, Customs and Activities Nigeria celebrates its independence every year on October 1st, both in the capital Abuja and 36 states. Kennis Music, the self proclaimed "No 1 Record Label in Africa" and one of Nigeria's biggest record labels, has a roster almost entirely dominated by hip hop artists. Some of the largest of these, notably Yoruba and Ibo, have derived standardized languages from a number of different dialects and are widely spoken by those ethnic groups.

Many ex-slaves came to Nigeria following the emancipation of slaves in Latin America. Department of State,[79] the most significant human rights problems are: A number of Cubans homework slave uk Nigeria as political refugees following the Cuban Revolution.

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We were from the then single-member constituencies, out of which were from the Northern Region, 62 from the Western Region, 73 from Eastern Region and three from Lagos, the then Federal Territory. It was thus not surprising that elaborate preparations were made, across the country, for the historic occasion.

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English as a first language, however, remains an exclusive preserve of a small minority of the country's urban elite, and it is not spoken at all in some rural areas. Human rights in Essay on nigeria independence day Nigeria's human rights record remains poor and government officials at all levels continue to commit serious abuses.

Yet, it remained one indivisible nation. In some areas of Nigeria, ethnic groups speak more than one language. The truth is that nobody believed that with dissertation research design types multi-ethnic groups brought together as one country by the colonial thesis pointers, they will be able to stay together and resolve their differences each time there they had one.

Nigeria @ 58- Happy Independence Day!

Nigeria was a colony of Great Britain until it became an independent nation on 1st October, Who are our leaders and the followers? This is particularly a major issue in the oil-producing Niger Delta region, where both state and civilian dissertation research design types employ varying methods of coercion in attempts gain control over regional petroleum resources.

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On this day homage is paid to the freedom fighters and other national leaders who fought for the independence of Nigeria from the colonial rule. In NovemberNigeria's music scene and that of Africa received international attention when MTV hosted the continent's first African music awards show in Abuja.

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After the s oil boom, tertiary education was improved so that it would reach every subregion of Nigeria. This should be in terms of leadership and the followership. Nigeria, like many developing countries, also suffers from a polio medical technology research paper as well as periodic outbreaks of cholera, malaria, and sleeping sickness. All too soon it has become evident that for us, independence implies a great deal more than self-government.


At present Nigeria is a fast growing nation with impressive foreign exchange earnings from petroleum industry. Recent events have changed the scene beyond recognition, so that we find ourselves today being tested to the utmost.

The confidence man persuades the target to advance relatively small sums of money the advance fee in the maria regina grade school homework grade 1 of realizing a much larger gain usually touted as millions. Styles of folk music are related to the multitudes of ethnic groups in the country, each with their own techniques, instruments and songs.

Therefore, it should invest thoroughly on the people and Nigeria would become a better place.

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Football in Nigeria Like many nations, football is Nigeria's national sport. Environment Market in Lagos. We hope that just as Singapore progressively moved from a third world country to a first world country so would Nigeria.

History of Nigeria Independence Day About years ago, Nigerian people application letter maria regina grade school homework grade 1 accounts payable job Nok culture exchanged slaves, Ivory and kola nuts for salt, glass beads, coral, cloth and weapons.

Demographics Main article: For example, the civil war that lasted 30 months, not many countries would go through such crisis and remained one nation.

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There will be flag raising ceremony to honor the nation. Waste management including sewage treatment, the linked processes of deforestation and soil degradation, and climate change or global warming are the major environmental problems in Nigeria. It was the eve of October 1,the day that the United Kingdom had set aside to grant Nigeria independence as a sovereign state.

I promise you, we shall not fall for want of determination.

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Thus Nigeria was granted full independence in October 1st October 1 Independence Day is a public holiday in Nigeria. In SeptemberNigeria won the U World cup for the third time, becoming the first African nation to have achieved that feat and the second nation after Brazil to do so.

That is the only way there will be development.

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It is very sad. They worked with metals like iron and produced terra cotta sculptures. The major languages spoken in Nigeria represent three major families of African languages - the majority are Niger-Congo languages, such as Yoruba, Igbo, the Hausa language is Afro-Asiatic; and Kanuri, spoken in the northeast, primarily Borno State, is a member of the Nilo-Saharan family.

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  • English as a first language, however, remains an exclusive preserve of a small minority of the country's urban elite, and it is not spoken at all in some rural areas.