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Some like gardening, a few like photography, many have book reading as their hobby. Paragraph on My Hobby words: A hobby is a particular and most interesting habit of any person. It gives very little actual knowledge. Apart from my school books, I have many books related to science, history, biography and etc. A hobby always lies hidden in one's instincts, and it comes out when it gets a scope for expression. Whenever I put my hands on personal development Books, I realize my mistakes and hence it makes me better.


Enjoy every moment of my life. Continuous stress affects the mental capacity of people.

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These flowers keep me happy and very close to nature. Paragraph on My Hobby words: It changed my perspective of looking the world.

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My family is also pleased of gardening being my hobby because it has no negative impact. I generally like to do my school homework in my garden. After considering everything, I have taken up gardening as my hobby.

I have developed a small garden in my courtyard and fenced it. V, cooking, and so on. I understand creative writing project pdf positivity in the world.

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I can say: Thus, I understand countless things. From my childhood, I love playing with colors, and this random playing developed into my hobby. Books are my real friends and I love them. Whenever I am free from my studies and other activities, I sit in that garden and enjoy myself.

I love my hobby because it makes my mind quick.

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I love writing, so it is my hobby. They are enough to make you laugh and enjoy them, and at the same time, they expose the flaws and foibles of the present society. During the daily routine life, we do our tasks and enjoy our spare time with some activity.

I love my hobby very much. Pinterest Hobbies are also called interest.

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Reading is my favourite hobby. My hobby is gardening. I have to do a lot of studies. We have written a useful essay on the hobby for school and college students. Hobby is an activity which did this thing. I learn things more swiftly.

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Hence I maintain a balance. At the free time and even during work I used to listen to music. It is said: I appreciate them very much. After Reading Books I learn new things, When I Read the biographies of famous people, it tells me how much they struggled in their life.

I draw caricatures, cartoons, comic characters and the sketches of famous people. My parents and teachers also appreciate my drawing. I have started pursuing this hobby ever since I took admission in class VI.

It opens my mind and think beyond the tiny things and see things with a broader mind. And enjoy an evening walk with my mother. I aristotelian argument essay purchased my cricket kit. Related Articles: The amalgam difference between cv and cover letter knowledge and fluency make me confident. Hobbies in hours of darkness keep us busy and make us forget our sorrows.

As the time passed I cooking was developed and it was a great experience. Every time I am depressed I amuse myself with my hobby and my depression converts into Happiness. Besides books, I read some periodicals and journals too. It instead gives me the knowledge and improves my standard.

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The stuff or books and materiel I read change the overview of my mind. While other hobbies are swimming, stamp collection, playing video games, and many others.

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  • My Hobby Essay in English for Kids (, , Words)

Whenever I draw something, I feel myself filled with passion. Same is the case with me.

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My Favourite Hobby: He has to work from dawn to dusk. The running between the wickets, fielding within the essay my hobby for class 2nd and stress bearing during batting and fielding make my body fit and mind fresh.

Hobby is a good thing which everyone has with them. It is true that one can not afford to essay my hobby for class 2nd so many books for one's hobby, and so can't I. When I have nothing to do, I pick up my sketch box and a paper and starts drawing.

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Our hobbies can help us to earn our web application dissertation hood and make a successful career. I feel the joy to cook something for my family, on the special occasions I help creative writing project pdf mom in cooking. It is a venture which is done to pass spare time. Drawing is a source to express your emotions graphically and painting acts as a catalyst for drawing.

When I am working along with listening music, I finish my work very fast and easily without any disturbance. When I sit for drawing, I feel that my mind has opened, a cascade of ideas start flowing in my mind. It also makes one capable of appreciating the beauty of nature. Now, whenever I sit sample powerpoint of business plan my room, I get a sense of relaxation.

People have hobbies according ntnu master thesis search their tastes. At a very young age, my hobby became thinking and finding connections. I have also read the humorous and satirical stories of Faturananda. Finally, gardening is one of the cheapest hobbies, considering it in every respect.

My Hobby Essay in English for Kids (100, 200, 500 Words)

When I write things, my imaginative power is at its best. I love to listen to music and it is my favourite hobby.

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Sometimes, when I am totally exhausted with my routine work, I come to my garden and sit there and became composed. A hobby is a particular and most interesting habit of any person. Therefore, everyone must have a hobby. Although writing is a just a hobby for me, yet it is very beneficial for me. But I borrow books from the libraries. It gives me a peace and happiness, makes my day useful.

Hobbies give us great joy and interest in life. A Hobby means something that we do in our spare time. I Love my Hobby. Creative writing project pdf wants to pass his recreational time by doing stuff which makes him pleased.

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As compared to other hobbies, the message I gain through this cloud storage thesis will remain with me forever. Not only this, I have also decorated my house with small designs. A person who takes up gardening should, therefore, be always alert and active.

He also learns the value of neatness not only in respect of gardening but all other matters.

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My hobby is a healthy activity. In inter-school competition, I played brilliantly and gained victory for my school. Essay my hobby for class 2nd things we read in our textbooks are forced over us, and we are bound to read them.

My skills of playing cricket have been increased, and I have been selected in my school team. All the hobbies which I have to me are very useful for me. Life is full of ups and downs.