Pharmacology CASE STUDY WORKBOOK. Kathy A. Putman, RN, MSN

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Use the following example for garlic: She was discovered lethargic on her kitchen floor by her daughter, who presents you with a list of medications. Are any off-label uses approved for each drug? He was transferred to the renal floor from the postanesthesia care unit PACU after surgery 13 27 for a revision of a clotted AV fistula. What is the pathophysiology of cirrhosis? Rebecca Wasley V. This emphasizes that we in the healthcare profession should spend more time educating the public on the use of herbs and over-the-counter medications in combination with prescription medications.


These types of issues are found often, particularly in health care.

Pharmacology CASE STUDY WORKBOOK. Kathy A. Putman, RN, MSN - PDF

Instead of answering, Garlic belongs in the onion family, ask: This forces students to look at the information without a medical diagnosis to use as a crutch; only after developing a patient s diagnosis are students allowed to review the medical chart.

Who develops beriberi?

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Integumentary Any presentazione curriculum vitae esempio these medications can alter this system in the geriatric individual. Why do some patients benefit, or think they benefit, from garlic?

Who develops lethargy? Patricia Donnelly Editorial Assistant:

Production Credits Publisher: Do I know the signs and symptoms of an adverse reaction to codeine and morphine? He also states that other than the worry about the need for the replacement of the AV fistula, there were no other concerns in the last week.

Pharmacology CASE STUDY WORKBOOK. Kathy A. Putman, RN, MSN

Nursing Process What nursing assessment will I perform regarding each medication? Cases conclude with a synopsis of what happened to the pharmacology case study workbook answers. How did essential hypertension obtain its name? Do I know the signs and symptoms of an adverse reaction to meperidine?

By understanding and assessing the thinking of others and themselves and in following the implications, students are more likely to see different conclusions. Integumentary Assessment Bruising to upper extremities and bruising noted on shins bilaterally. When the mother is further questioned, she states that she added garlic capsules to her daily medicines to help lower her cholesterol levels.

Pharmacology Case Study Workbook

What is the pathophysiology behind seizures? How do they work? What is a primary risk factor for COPD? List three main causes of ESRF. Nursing Process: Why is it needed?

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If so, which type does this patient have? Do I know the recommended dose of, the pharmacology case study workbook answers route for, and the best time of day to give these medications?

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Give an example of a platelet aggregation. Physician Orders Stop garlic Stop warfarin 0. Instead of answering, ACE inhibitors are a group of drugs that treat hypertension, ask: Do I know the signs and symptoms of an adverse reaction to ACE?

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I have found that this method works for any level of student, and for students who study patients and medications. When is it not a good idea to use garlic?

Pharmacology Case Study Workbook

This should give you a much broader understanding of each word. What medical diagnosis warrants an ACE inhibitor?

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Possible Answers The patient stated in the scenario that her arthritis was acting up, but she did not reveal what she took. Physician Orders Blood glucose monitoring before meals and at bedtime Weigh every morning at 6: Who uses hemodialysis?