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Online Information Review, 32 6 The major theme that emerged was that social media is of benefit to organisations, but it is fraught with risks. Other practice implications include loss of productivity associated with excessive use of social media ISACA, An audit committee can oversee the internal control for financial reporting and the quality of financial information.


Family Corporate Governance: A Brief Literature Review

Regarding performance there are three main approaches to firm performance in social science research: The implications for practice include threats that may come through the use of personal accounts to communicate work-related information which in turn can lead to privacy violations and reputational damage.

The BP case provides evidence that shareholders best essay writing services 2019 relying on an unofficial BP twitter site as the main source of information.

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Word-of-mouth in the age of the web-fortified consumer. Castells, M. Web 2.


The researcher read through every article of the final selected papers to see if they met the inclusion criterion and could provide insight to the research questions above that is: The literature available revealed details, the trends and research on social media and its impact both positive and negative on corporate governance.

Social media has spawned new business models that were unheard of even two years ago. The archive and the processor: Crisis communication in a new world: Prior studies have investigated different corporate governance mechanisms that can have negative relationships with earnings management. The case study provided useful anecdotal insights and a practical example of how a global corporate giant such can have its reputation damaged and profits affected by comments triggered by mishandling social media reared crisis.

While this criterion beach essay in english have shown bias the researcher was minded to focus on a narrow area of study in order to answer the research questions.

To address the research objectives, the following research questions were framed:

Critical Issues in Theory and Practice. Another practice implication theme that emerged from the study were risks associated with adopting social media tools include data leakage from enterprise supplied devices, and exposure to viruses and malware. State of the media: Nordicom Review, 30 155—66 Gaines-Ross, L.

The case study had all elements relating to social media, corporate governance and reputational risk, thus providing practical insight and implications for the study. From the systematic review, 15 Prothroe, J.

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Corporate Governance, Earnings Management, Literature Review Abstract Corporate governance can reduce or even eliminate the extent of earnings management. The relentless campaign on social media Facebook, Twitter and Blogs threatened to undo years of carefully cultivated reputation.

When all the information was gathered and synthesised a running theme emerged showing the challenges faced by directors in an ever- changing world. Ranking the Top Global Brands, www.

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Communication style in the information age. The relationship between Web site design and organizational responsiveness to stakeholders, Public Relations Review, 29, 63— Retrieved from: Half of the four hundred contained duplications were removed and the remaining papers the researcher proceeded to examine the references of corporate governance literature review pdf articles that were retrieved, in order determine the most relevant, and re- read references, and repeated the process until I was satisfied that no new relevant information can emerge.

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Corporate governance has become a progressively topical issue in recent years fuelled no phd thesis in enterprise risk management by such corporate collapses as Enron fraudWorldCom, Lehman Brothers and JJB Sports poor management controls.

Contracts can be signed electronically, instead of having to wait for them to arrive in the post, deals and transactions across the globe can take place online. The phenomena of corporate governance are linked directly to the agency theory, or agency relationships, which focuses on the relationship and goal incongruence between managers and stockholders.

BP and Apple market share price was affected by market censure triggered by reputational risk crises. Instead of simply relying on the market and strategic information supplied by management, and therefore beach resort thesis proposal philippines to biases, boards can leverage the social media to build an independent source of intelligence, even for whistle-blowing to enhance governance.

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However, social media is now making a marked impact on business, and has also seen a rise in academic articles addressing the topic Faase et al, Defining social CRM. Tricker, B.

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The 21st century media r evolution: The research material that met the criteria and scope above was selected for inclusion in this project and was narrowed phd thesis in enterprise risk management forty-three papers. This view write poem analysis essay supported by Ihator who avers that while these technologies offer something new, companies in the long run tend to lose control over the dissemination of information.

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Young chief executives make their mark: Reaching multicultural publics through old and new media. Howard, P.

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New York, Peter Lang.