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J Nutr. Related Articles: Changing market contexts also create new opportunities for farmers in more marginal areas to produce for the feed and biofuel markets Cell phones and other information and communication technologies can contribute to smarter application of water, fertilizers, and other inputs. Where the policy incentives were corrected, farmers quickly changed behavior and adopted more sustainable practices. It may lose much of its freedom and dignity.


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Before the Green Revolution they were struggling to make both ends meet as they did not have any agricultural facilities. The Government of India brought highly productive seeds from other countries and tested them on our soil. Conway G.

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  • The significance of agriculture in India arises also from the fact that the development in agriculture is an essential condition for the development of the national economy.
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Are we underinvested? Access to Crop Genetic Improvements.

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The State of Food and Agriculture — Cali, Colombia: More importantly, it found no evidence that the rates of return to research had declined over time Diffusion and Impact of Crop Genetic Improvements Positive impacts on poverty reduction and lower food prices were driven in large part by crop germplasm improvements in CGIAR centers that were then transferred to national agricultural programs for adaptation and dissemination.

The role of international agricultural research. Traxler G, Pingali P.

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For case study on hunger and malnutrition they depend on monsoon which always played a gamble with them. Proven Successes in Agricultural Development.

Green Revolution In India

The GR strategy green revolution essay conclusion food crop productivity growth was explicitly based on the premise that, given appropriate institutional mechanisms, technology spillovers across political and agroclimatic boundaries could be captured. Farmers had little incentive to intensify land use, because they had no incentive to save on land costs Case study from India.

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The AEI Press; Large holding and co-operative farming: Green revolution has been effected not only in India but also in many other countries where food production is not at par with the problem solving wheels of population. Walker T, Ryan J. The overall benefits of CGIAR contributions to crop genetic improvement are estimated in billions of dollars—mostly because of the benefits from the improved three main staples Private sector has also made significant investments in other commercial crops for fiber and biofuel Large plots are necessary for the application of modern agricultural instruments.

Now, India is facing an acute scarcity of food.

The idea behind these studies is that the collection of past studies will allow for greater generalization without additional cost or time being expended on new, possibly repetitive studies.

Paarlberg R. The Global Report. Pingali P, editor. None of the reviewers have any connections with the work in the paper.

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