A Study of Fundamental Analysis on Selected Stocks Project

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The correlation test results between financial ratios and stock prices for the media industry in Table A2. To offer suggestions based on the analysis of the study. To ensure the ability of continuing operating, media firms pay more attention to the capability of development. Only the net cash flow per share, the turnover of inventory and the turnover of current assets display a negative relation with the share price. The Total debt shows the strongest negative relationship, thereby not suggesting an investment.


These two ratios measure the operating capacity of the public firms. Only the net cash flow per share, the turnover of inventory and the turnover of current assets display a negative relation with the share price. In addition to these, BVPS and the degree of operating leverage also show a significant influence on the share price at the 0.

Table 5.

Fundamental Analysis

At this time, the profitability of the power industry is decreasing, along with more difficulties to research new products. Few cases turn out to be significant. When investing in a company, leverage coefficients reflect the risk sensitivity during corporate operation.

Remarkably, 24 factors all 25 except the rate of capital accumulation do not have a relation with stock prices.

Investors, who put their funds into public steel companies, also pursue dividends rather than arbitrage on a short term. The firm has a separate research wing which helps advanced essay phrases by giving suggestions to buy or sell the scrip. Investment is a major decision in an organization because it involves financial input and there is a certain return expected out of it.

Inthe current ratio and debt-to-asset indicate a significant correlation with stock prices.

A Study of Fundamental Analysis on Selected Stocks Project

The risk level of companies is usually measured through 23 the financial leverage, 24 the operating leverage, and 25 the degree of total leverage Table 5. From the Tables in Annex 3it is clear that profitability, benefit ability to shareholders and solvency of public firms have a correlation with stock prices, especially the gross profit rate, the net profit rate, the ROA, the BVPS, ocean acidification business plan template makeup artist statement current ratio, and the debt-to-asset, all achieving the significant level of the 0.

The Gross profit rate, rate of capital accumulation and equity ratio show a relatively lower correlation than the current ratio, achieving a significant literature review on fundamental analysis of stocks of 0.

Our empirical study literature review on fundamental analysis of stocks this perspective.

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This is understandable because the ROA measures the profitability of assets of a company: The power industry has reached a mature cycle-life. The operating capability and development ability have an influence on the share prices, when using the Kendall or the Business plan template makeup artist correlation test.

If companies cannot achieve some income from daily operation, it will be difficult for them to repay the debt, and even to continue operating. Also the ROA return of assets also plays a role in measuring the profitability of firms in annual reports and it influences the stock price of public power enterprises.

There are multiple stocks to analyze before taking how to write a cover letter for schengen visa investment decision, this analyzing process is tedious and needs a lot of standards and proven expertise and if this proven technique is not used accordingly can be misleading can lead the investor to invest literature review on fundamental analysis of stocks a non-performing stock.

Everybody takes such decision at different context.

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The Kendall test and the Spearman correlation test for the 25 ratios indicate that only the degree of operating leverage, total sale change and comprehensive leverage coefficient pass these tests, at the 0. Cite this paper Ma, L.

The inventory turnover ratio, turnover ratio of total assets, and current ratio have a stronger impact on the share price than the other 8 factors, at the significant level of 0. The Current ratio, quick ratio and debt-to-asset have a high significant influence 0. The strongest correlation is the relevance of the EPS and investment value, having a correlation coefficient equal to 0.

That could be a reason for why there is no significant relationship between variables and stock price of the media industry in Therefore, each company tries its best to expand the scope of the enterprise, such as building new projects, using its internal funds or financing by issuing bonds as well as shares, rather than sharing out dividends.

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The empirical analysis follows in the fourth section hereafter. Instead of selling fixed assets to repay debt, companies merely rely on achieving more profit to literature review on fundamental analysis of stocks their liabilities under the premise of continuous operation.

Thus, confronting a relatively stable power industry, investors tend to follow a fundamental venus research paper approach rather than a technical one. In a transitional environment as the one implemented in China, the quality of information and decision tools are often questioned [7]. Conclusions This paper analyzes the correlations of financial ratios from published annual reports with the stock prices in the media industry, the power industry as well as the steel industry in China.

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Our observations suggest that 11 factors, that are, the Cash ratio, Cash maturity debt ratio, Net operating cash flow indicator, Total debt ratio, Turnover ratio of total assets, Rate of capital accumulation, Growth rate of net profit, Current ratio, Quick rate, Degree of operating leverage, and Comprehensive leverage coefficient passed the 3 correlation tests.

Table A In addition, inventory turnover, the ratio of measuring operating capacity also shows some relevance to the share price.

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Without a solid solvency basis, a company may confront some risk of bankruptcy and not being capable of paying its debt on time. The study was carried on for a period of 21 days. In contrast to these, the ratios related to operating capacity and development ability show no real relationship with share prices. It is one of the leading stock broking firm in India which is providing online trading facilities to its 1-9 problem solving with equations. To determine economic value added and market value added.

A Study of Fundamental Analysis on Selected Stocks MBA Project Synopsis

The study is totally dependent on the accuracy of the data collected from the secondary sources, the study will give the investors in detail analysis of the stock. In other words, a higher inventory turnover may directly lead to a stock price decrease.

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  • For this industry, we can also notice that a higher debt-to-assets ratio brings a lower stock price; also high current ratios and quick ratios, which are the most important factors measuring the solvency ability of a company, directly lead to a higher stock price.

Meanwhile, the inventory turnover and the Total assets turnover, measuring operating capacity seem to have a close relationship with the stock prices. The correlation test results between financial ratios and stock prices for the media industry in A company development ability can be typically reflected by 4 ratios: Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.

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In general, the prospects of downstream industries, which need steel during the operating activities, are not satisfactory. Based on the Kendall test and the Spearman test, several 11 factors indicate a significant correlation with the stock price. These results indicate that investors should pay more attention on these three than on others.

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In short, the EPS, the BVPS and the debt-to-asset appear to be the most significant parameters while the gross profit rate, net profit rate, ROA as well as ROE have a weak thesis phenomenology of architecture with the investment value according to the Kendall correlation test and Spearman correlation test.

Fundamental analysis brings out the true value of a stock when used procedurally that is the intrinsic value of the stock to support the investment decision of the investor rationally.

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This article only focused on the descriptive correlation analysis emphasizing the statistical relationship between fundamental analysis and stock prices, showing therefore that the former can effectively be used as an investment tool. According to corporate finance theory, debt finance has less cost than equity finance due to the existence of tax shields [34].

In addition to this, energy saving and environmental protection policy, as recommended by the Chinese government, imply that funds are needed to be invested into research on new energy and related technology. Furthermore, appears to be a specific year with a new regulation on media industry in China where the socio-political context influenced the industry much more than financial results [35].