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It is thought that these were formed as Mercury's core and mantle cooled and contracted at a time when the crust had already solidified. The large quadrupole moment of Neptune may be the result of offset from the planet's centre and geometrical constraints of the field's dynamo generator. The interactions of these conflicting circulation patterns cause storms and turbulence. In Roman mythologyNeptune was the god of the sea, identified with the Greek Poseidon. One hypothesis for its origin is that shock waves generated during the Caloris impact traveled around Mercury, wjec biology gcse coursework at the basin's antipode degrees away. The most extended mixture contains sodium nitratepotassium nitrate and calcium nitrate.


Depressions or fossae are named for works of architecture. Above a pressure of five bars, the clouds may consist of ammonia, ammonium sulfidehydrogen sulfide and water.

Mercurian craters differ subtly from lunar craters in that the area blanketed by their ejecta is much smaller, a consequence of Mercury's stronger case study sharp corporation gravity. This field may be generated by convective fluid motions in a thin spherical shell of electrically conducting liquids probably a combination of ammonia, methane and water [63] resulting in a dynamo action.

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Accepted by the IAU as a dwarf planet on September 13, See plutoid for essay on solar system in kannada graph of several additional likely dwarf planets without Ceres. As the moon orbits round the earth, it very occasionally comes between the Sun and the earth. Accepted by the IAU as a dwarf planet on September 17, Thermal mass is any material that can be used to store heat—heat from the Sun in the case of solar energy.

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Solar power is anticipated to become the world's largest source of electricity bywith solar photovoltaics and concentrated solar power contributing 16 and 11 percent to the global overall consumption, respectively. There is no defined upper limit, and an object larger or more massive than Mercury that has not "cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit" would be classified as a dwarf planet.


Even before Voyager proved that the feature was a storm, there was strong evidence that the spot could not be associated with any deeper feature on the planet's surface, as the Spot rotates differentially with respect to the rest of the atmosphere, sometimes faster and sometimes more slowly.

The long orbital period of Neptune means that the seasons last for forty Earth years.

Neptune - Wikipedia Hydrostatic equilibrium Sufficient internal pressure, caused by the body's gravitation, will turn a body plasticand sufficient plasticity will allow high elevations to sink and hollows to fill in, a process known as gravitational relaxation.

This varying distance to the Sun leads to Mercury's surface being flexed by tidal bulges raised by the Sun that are about 17 times stronger than the Moon's on Earth. The zones are formed when rising convection cells form crystallizing ammonia that masks out case study sharp corporation lower clouds from view.

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United Nations Development Programme — World Energy Assessment [4] Thermal energy Solar thermal technologies can be used for water heating, space heating, space cooling and process heat generation. The eccentricity of Mercury's orbit makes this resonance stable—at perihelion, when the solar tide is strongest, the Sun is nearly still in Mercury's sky.

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All known possible dwarf planets have smaller discriminants than those shown for that zone. When planted on the southern side of a building in the northern hemisphere or the northern side in the southern hemisphere, their leaves provide shade during the summer, while the bare limbs end of year graduation speech light to pass during the essay on solar system in kannada. Mercury's surface is similar in appearance to that of the Moon, showing extensive mare -like plains and heavy cratering, indicating that it has been geologically inactive for billions of years.

Other stars may be larger, brighter, smaller or fainter than our Sun but they are so very far away that we only see them as points of light in the night sky.

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Despite a lack of unequivocally volcanic characteristics, the localisation and rounded, lobate shape of these plains strongly support volcanic origins. Main article: The Earth is one of nine planets that orbit round the Sun in what we call the Solar System.

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Cloud layers The movement of Jupiter's counter-rotating cloud bands. As Jupiter came toward the inner Solar System, in what theorists call the grand tack hypothesisgravitational tugs and pulls occurred causing a series of collisions between the super-Earths as their orbits began to overlap.

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The Sun is only one of millions and millions of stars in the Galaxy. Scientists believe the Spot is a giant vortex similar to the Great Red Spot and also appears to be quasi-stable like the vortices in Earth's thermosphere.

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There may also be a thin layer of water clouds underlying the ammonia layer. Plains or planitiae are named for Mercury in various languages.

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However, when this area was first visited, by Mariner 10, this zero meridian was in darkness, so it was impossible to select a feature on the surface to define the exact position essay on solar system in kannada the meridian. This fluid, which has a high electrical conductivity, is sometimes called a water—ammonia ocean.

They are called Sunspots.