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Very soon, the lion became fat Early in the morning, the fox came. What does the text mean? Since gold is not very hard, it is sometimes melted and added to other substances for making rings, coins, and art objects. What is the purpose of the text? It can be tragic, sad, or happy ending


I am in the classroom now. I can lend you right now. They are studying about greetings.

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Can I take my cousin to the concert? I see. Your dentist will tell you which toothbrush in the right size and shape for you. The statement, That would be nice, but I must pick up my sister at the airport tomorrow afternoonmeans College essay rules social function of narrative text is to amuse or entertain the reader with a story.

Expression certainty v I am absolutely sure about it v I am sure that…. By the way, 2 ……………… to water the flowers? I am from Bandung. The social function of Announcement: Why does the descriptive text use simple present tense?

It only uses the gas fuel.

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Number one is done as an example. I can drive a car 2 years ago before get accident. What are Dika and Bombi studying about? There is hardly any field of life in which plastics are not used The manufacture of plastic in commercial scale was started for the first one by Leo Hendrik Backeland. It is a chamber without any opening or holes. Discuss the answer wiyh your friends.

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Working at the office. He had cycled after me so that he would not be alone. No, he is able not to speak Indonesian language. From the text we know that… A. It can be tragic, sad, or happy ending Project management cover letter samples free at me! Then I heard a familiar voice calling me. From the viewpoint of the forces involved, the gas college essay rules the combustion chamber pushes downward on the gases in the jet, and upward on the homework solar system of the rocket.

Where does Reksi study? Cleaning their mouth is important to prevent decay and to help them get use to having someone in their mouth.


Why should I show you? In fact, this plastic was nitro-cellulose made soft by putting oil and camphor into it. You have a new novel. June Engineers have developed modern process for removing gold from rocks.

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Make 5 sentences about giving congratulations and its responses! The speaker accepts the invitation c.

  1. The true expression of expressing ability below is….
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Thank you, Anita. Personal experience, news report, historical books, biographies, autobiographies, and diary entries.

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  • Its follows the principle of Newton law.
  • Because it tell about past story

When children wake at night and are breast feed or bottle feed and than put back to bed without brushing their teeth, this occurrence leaves milk on the teeth overnight which invites the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay. She can serve fried rice beautifully From the conversation above we know that they had meal….

What can be said about the movement of a rocket?

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Oh really? May I have it? Make an announcement text about a sample thesis chapter 5 conclusion and recommendation will be held in your school! Because it describes the general truth of something and sometimes it never changes. Saying disagreement: Will See you again 6.

The speaker states an invitation d. Hi, Anita, Good Afternoon Anita: What is the function of roots?

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What is the social function of narrative text? It is made from simple organic chemicals. She can make fried rice c. What parts of the General Structure of a text are paragraph 2 and 3? We left at Read the following teks, thean answer the questions underneath! How do you do? It always neess fresh air in burning the fuel.

Good morning, Diva. Now, plastic are used as surgical aids also. Thank you. The direction of gaseous product of combustion can be controlled. Adi can read his history b. He can sing a song.