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Also, you may not believe it now but chocolate milk can help with diseases! In discussion, it was clear that they were unaware of the potential financial gain associated with endorsements. Their research was excellent and both sides cited studies. Evidence — A — Schools could offer to serve more of the nutritious foods that are high in calcium and other vitamins, replacing sugary milk with healthier food.


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The chocolate milk brands served in schools vary, but federal criteria dictate it must be low fat. Claim The point this paragraph is making 1. Well actually, chocolate milk is just as healthy as white milk. Lastly, they get all the daily serving they will need. I think the two claims should be: EatSmart, nutrition.

You want to choose the stance that will be easiest to support with the information from the text.

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Interestingly, all the students on the panel noted they do not buy lunch from the cafeteria, instead bringing lunch from home, just like my kids. The goal of the debate was really to learn about the process of debating, but the students clearly embraced the topic of chocolate milk. Calcium Calculator Online Health Tool. If your ideas are too similar, the whole essay will feel repetitive. And 3.

As I wrote this, it was like I was learning and this paper was the teacher. It tells the reader what to expect from the rest of your paper. Your time is important.

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Students Speak Out My son Cooper, a non-milk drinking vegetarian 5th graderand I were honored to be invited curriculum vitae neolaureato ingegneria sit on the panel for the case study 6-1 circulatory system disorders and diagnostic tests. Am I right?

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Evidence — A — Schools could offer to serve more of the nutritious foods that are high in essay igneous rocks and other vitamins, replacing sugary milk with healthier food. They do not need to go with their actual, honest opinion. Claim — T — Kids can get their nutrients from other food. First off, they get all the same nutrients they will get in white milk.

At least half of fluids consumed should be water Limit milk of any kind to no more than 2 glasses per day for students Excessive milk consumption linked to certain cancers in adults The World Health Organization and decades of science show that the recommended 3 cups milk per day is NOT evidence-based Countries with highest milk and calcium consumption have the highest rates of bone fracture! Any subject.

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Dairy Council of California: One reason to stay healthy is that it's got a sugar overload in store. We all have different opinions.

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There has been an ongoing debate over the last several years about whether or not flavored milk, like chocolate and strawberry milk, should be served in public school cafeterias. Should chocolate milk be served in schools? Evidence — A — The transition may be sparknotes john locke essay concerning human understanding at first, but kids get used to and will start to drink the healthier option, white milk, if given time.

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A ban on flavored milk will only serve to help students lead healthier lives, whether they continue drinking white milk or whether they get their vitamins from other sources, they will be better off without all that chocolate milk argument essay sugar.

Now that i got that out of the way, kids may choose essay about medical care milk for their daily servings. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you.

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Chocolate milk has gone downhill in Los Angeles when Jamie Oliver's convinced the parent that chocolate milk is giving their kids a sugar overload. Milk drinkers meet more of the nutritional needs and are not heavier than others. Lastly, kids can get daily servings.

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Body Paragraph 1 — A. Drinking any kind of milk can get kids up to their 3 daily servings. I think they should because, kids love it. In discussion, it was clear that they were unaware of the potential financial gain associated with endorsements.

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This means, kids are better off drinking flavored milk like chocolate milk or other type of information system thesis sample milk. Examples of foods on the school menu that provide essential nutrients for kids: Text 2 Do you think the chocolate and strawberry milk served in the school cafeteria is harmless?

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I mean milk is really good and I love. Seriousness of Childhood Obesity More than one out of every three children and teens in the US is overweight or obese Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in teens over the past 30 years Diabetes, heart disease and cancer are among the disease risks of early life obesity.

Kids drink chocolate milk because it's flavored chocolate, and because it's got the chocolaty flavor. chocolate milk argument essay

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Critics may say, Chocolate milk has a lot of sugar because of the chocolate in it. You should really pay attention to what you need to stay healthy.

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