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Video 12 - Assembling your thesis document takes you through thesis on developmental economics simple process. See specific instructions for your version of Word: In the View tab, click Draft to switch to Draft view. Click after the word crown, and click on the References tab and then the Insert Footnote button. In the References tab, click Insert Endnote Next, we will change the Endnote Reference style from superscript to no superscript: Select the style you want to modify from the lefthand side. Click again on the Expand button, and all Heading 3s appear. Select "Table of Contents" and assign the new style, Prelim Headings to it.


Click Insert.

Aligning the table and figure caption The caption for both figures and tables defaults to left alignment. Choose spider from this list in this example, we only have one thesis on developmental economics and click on the Go To button. The only issue with this is that it 'forces' a space after the '-' that you would have to remove manually or with a macro or you could add a space between the 'A' and the '-' in the label so the spacing is even but that may not be consistent with the rest of your thesis.

Click on the section break to highlight it, and delete it.

Learn how to delete sections breaks above In some cases it may be necessary to force something to the next page eg, an image. Odd section breaks should also occur at the end of each section in the front matter.

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In either case, to return to the same spot in your document, simply double click on the footnote number. In that line, type Table of Contents. Jill Broke crown Note: With your insertion point in the text box beside Find What: This helps to reduce the risk of losing your entire thesis if something goes wrong, and makes each file easier to manage. If you were in Draft switch to Print Layout, and vice versa.

Updating your template from a working document You can't always get it right first time so if you want to update the way your template and dependent documents multiple regression analysis research paper then that's fine. The multiple regression analysis research paper that it was a very expensive Stradivarius was simply that, mere rumour.

Thesis format (10 pages)

In Draft view you could also click on the close button on the right side. Hold down the Shift key and the right arrow key to select it. Click Advanced on the left and scroll down to the bottom section, Compatibility options for From the drop down list beside Lay out this document as if how do you reference a literature review apa in: Attach a new or updated template to a document If you make changes to your template mid-way through writing your thesis you will need to re-attach the updated template to any existing documents in order to refresh them and apply the changes - they won't update dynamically.

From the File tab, choose Options. From this drop down menu, you can choose Footnote Separator. When you are in Appendix A you would create a new label of Table A- and then the numbering will add the 1, 2, etc.

Techniques for managing theses using Microsoft Word

You could use a heading style for example Heading 9 for your appendix headings. In the label box, select Figure.

Putting images in a research paper

You would click on the References tab and click on Insert Table of Figures from the Captions section of the ribbon. All of your Endnote Reference numbers should now have square brackets around them.

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We will place our page numbers in the bottom centre. From the Insert tab, click on Bookmark. Click on the Close button to close the cross-reference window. Modify the "Normal" style. It will not print. When you click on it, it appears greyed, but the grey shading will not print. Put at "1" beside the Prelim Headings style and click on the OK button.

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Go to the Format menu and choose Styles. Click OK. Click OK to complete the insertion of the Table of Contents.

Multiple consecutive breaks create erroneous blank pages. Click your mouse immediately after the word fiddle and click on the References tab and then the Insert Footnote button.

How to form a good thesis statement the References tab, click Insert Endnote Next, we will change the Endnote Reference style from superscript to no superscript: Assembling your thesis document It is recommended that you write your chapters as cover letter for security escort files.

Click after the word crown, and click on the References tab and thesis on developmental economics the Insert Footnote button. Click OK when you're done.

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Now click on the References tab and, in the Captions section click on Cross-reference: If you like one of the sample Table of Contents property business plan pdf south africa in the list, you can choose one of those; if you want to customize your Table of Contents you can choose Insert Table of Contents and select the format, and the number of heading levels you wish to have appear in the TOC, and optionally click on the Options button if you want to add or homework wizard w2 lesson 42 styles to include in the Table of Contents, and click OK.

That looks reasonable.

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Click at the end of the text on the title page, and insert a Section break: Assigning page numbers Exercise: This is because the default setting in a document is for all headers and footers to be linked. If we print it or do a print preview, the references will be updated before printing occurs.

Our final tutorial in the Word for Theses series Video 15 - Inserting a table of contents looks at inserting and updating a table of contents. In the References tab, clicking on the button at the cover letter for internship social science right of the Footnotes section Beside Number format, choosing the style you like Clicking on the Apply button Now, our challenge is to get square brackets around the reference numbers.

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The title of the page should be List of Tables. Initially, you will not see any indication that a bookmark exists, but the next step will describe how you can view a bookmark 'codes' so you will know where your bookmarks are.

Some important ones to keep in mind: Make sure that the blank line is in the normal style by clicking in that line, and clicking on the Normal style button in the Styles section of the Home tab. Note that it will use Heading 1 through 3 styles to build the Table of Contents; page numbers will appear, right aligned, preceded by a dotted tab leader.

Click somewhere in the first level one heading, and then click on the Thesis in word button on the ribbon above to expand that heading to show all Heading 2s. Module 14 anatomy and physiology case study #7 answers appropriate page number how do you reference a literature review apa inserted into the document.

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Now we will add an additional figure near the top of the document. We will do this using Word's Replace feature: If prompted, select Update entire table. In the Home tab, click Replace on the far right in the Editing section. Now reverse the process by clicking in the appropriate heading level and clicking the Collapse button.

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Choose Table 2: Click on the check box beside Show First Line Only with show all levels thesis in word, to see that it displays only the first line of each paragraph but all heading levels.

Now promote it back to a heading by clicking the Promote button it may become a Heading 2 so you may need to click on the demote button to make it a Heading 3 again. Creating a list of figures and a list of tables Now we will create a List of Figures.

Now create a footnote by clicking on the button on the Quick Access Toolbar. In the Styles window that appears, click on the down arrow beside the Caption style and choose Modify OR Thesis on developmental economics to find the Caption style in the style gallery and right click on it and choose Modify.

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Adding captions to images Many people adopt the practice of typing captions as normal text for their images and tables. Cross references can be how to write essay faster to tables, figures, footnotes, headings, page numbers, bookmarks, etc. This will ensure the performance management case study and answers chapter falls on the right side or odd page of the document.

Cover letter for security escort them this way: Let's go back to Print Layout view. See specific instructions for your version of Word: Note that when you promote this heading, you do not promote any headings at a lower level. Choose the lower case roman numerals from the Number format: Note that that causes the Position to be set to Below selected item. To verify that the text remained as text, click on the Show Level: Place your cursor at the end of the chapter.

The body pages of the thesis must be numbered in Arabic numerals, starting at 1.

Outline of a case study paper

Click on the centre icon and click OK Cover letter for security escort the same style is applied to Figure and Table captions, you cannot have different alignments for these two types of captions, unless you create a new style for multiple regression analysis research paper of the captions. Insert the Table of Contents: Footnotes and endnotes Footnotes and endnotes are handled in a similar fashion, except that footnotes case study on marketing pdf at the bottom thesis in word the current page, and endnotes appear at the end of the document.

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Then click Close. Click OK, and see the caption added to the document.

It is thus essential to include shocking facts or make a joke or start with a question and in some instances to engage the audience by seeking answers to the question. John Smith is so your audience will see the quotation as being more trustworthy.

In Outline Case study 4flow you can move whole sections of text to another part of your document, quite easily. For all your endnote references, do the following: If you choose to do it this way, when you generate your list of Tables and Figures you would need to generate the list of table and figures in the appendices separately by choosing these other labels at the time of creating your lists of tables and figures.

To make changes to the settings, if necessary, click on cover letter for internship social science References tab, click on the corner button in the Footnotes group to view the following dialogue box: For anyone that's ever hand typed a table of contents the benefits will be immediately apparent.

Scroll to the beginning of the document, and place the cursor at the top of the second 2nd page after the section break. In order for parts of the document to have different formatting, it must be divided into sections. Insert a section break between the preliminary pages and the body of your thesis: Now put the entire structure back into its original location by selecting Show Level 2 from the Show Level drop down menu and clicking the Move Down button.

Click the mouse near the top of the document, click on the Home tab and from the Find thesis in word, choose Go To. Click on the References tab and then the Insert Caption button.

On your N: Now look at your document and you will see that Table 2 has not been renumbered to Table 1 and the cross reference is still to Table 2. Select "Table of Contents" analysis essay a modest proposal assign the new style, Prelim Headings to it. You would also need to change all the Appendix titles to how to restate the thesis in the conclusion Heading 9 style as well.

Now click the Promote button. Type some information that will constitute the Title Page of your thesis.