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Vocabulary homework activities for 5th grade. Fifth grade Vocabulary Lessonplans, homework, quizzes

They're all free to download, and free to use in your lessons. As you can see, in the first group of words, abase, demean, and humiliate can all be related, but extol does not fit. One of the statements they write should be a lie. Inspired and wanting more vocabulary ideas? Tally how many other groups selected each word. Vocabulary is a key component in helping students with word building. See an example from MrsJacobsClassroom here. Have them build a word search to be exchanged with a partner the next day to play.


When I assign mind maps in relation to vocabulary words, I generally have students select one word from our list instead of several because the connections will be more meaningful for them. Break students into teams of five-ish.

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If your classroom culture calls for games, engagement, and student-directed learning, try out 3 truths and a lie. If they see past words spelled wrong, correct it, but don't circle it. These questions must be studied and answered before creating a product. IDEA 3: For instance, if the branch says metaphor, you may add a leaf for metaphorical. Mind maps are excellent brain-based activities that help students retain the definition of a word instead of memorizing it for a quiz vocabulary homework activities for 5th grade forgetting it.

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Give students the task of creating a Pinterest profile for a word, including a list of boards and pins that would relate to that word. Do your students smile at you when you begin a vocabulary lesson? This idea is from Bridge of Vocabulary: These words are difficult because they either contain irregular spelling i.

Shared by Sarah Resslerthis activity is one that has a thematic base, and would work really well to target academic vocabulary. Write a category or categories it could belong to. Teacher-Directed You the teacher group the words into categories. These worksheets can be used in the classroom in many different ways. The word in question goes in the rectangle on the far left. After the Brain Power Words list is identified and definitions sought, the students check their work with the teacher.

Give one example.

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Alternately, you can have the tally marks be even, but play the teacher versus the class. These are perfect for placing around the room to reinforce the Word of homework does not improve learning Day. You can print out a blank cube and have students print the responses below, or complete it online and then print it out.

Have students create a Facebook poster based on one of the words on their list.

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You can award points to the words based on different criteria longest new word, word with most consonants, etc. Why this works: Mind Maps I use mind maps as choice assignments throughout the year with various aspects of my curriculum.

The rectangle on the far right is filled in with a word that is the opposite. They can all be used similarly for this assignment. Students can create a scrapbook or Instagram posts for their word. If you're not sure about what a certain it technician cover letter pdf contains, just click on the thumbnail to preview the entire worksheet before downloading it.

File Sorting Hat Use a Harry Potter theme to have students sort words into categories.

The Importance of a Variety of Activities

Before using any of these strategies in your classroom, you will need to establish a solid list of vocabulary words. This can be done as a whole class or in small groups. You can create these digitally at the ReadWriteThink website. Bell Ringers Another way to use these elements is vocabulary homework activities for 5th grade incorporate them as bell ringers.

It can be scaffolded for students on various scales of the literacy ladder. Clues of definition: Make it a priority! Use these letters to spell your daily Word of the Day for a strong visual impact.

Fifth Grade Vocabulary Worksheets and Printables

When used as homework assignments, these worksheets will make sure that students continue to use the words learned in the classroom at home, and get homework does not improve learning extra practice they need to progress in their learning.

Mark whenever the teacher says the word in context, and mark twice when a student does. While I teach ELA, these ideas can apply to word lists from any content area. Another option is to create a manipulative for small groups or station use.

Create a List

Ask students to create a Twitter profile and feed for a descriptive essay beach vacation. Students will take it upon themselves to analyze formato de curriculum vitae para rellenar mexico social media outlet more closely than they have in vocabulary homework activities for 5th grade past.

Semantic Maps In this activity, the teacher chooses a word and displays it for the class on a whiteboard, etc. EisforExplore shares the whole vocabulary homework activities for 5th grade here. In this version, teams of students race to fill in words responsive to a category that start with the letters of the alphabet in order.

Simple but effective.

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Word Pairs Give students words in pairs and have them evaluate if the words are the same, opposite, go together, or are unrelated. In contrast, when I rush through vocabulary instruction because of time constraints, lack of preparation, or simply lack of enthusiasm, my students can read me like an open book.

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The center three ovals are filled in with words that go from the far left to the far right, gradually become less similar until they reach the opposite. Add more words as you discover them during lessons. Ubiquitous is an adverb. Another effective way to teach vocabulary is by introducing the vocabulary words in vocabulary homework activities for 5th grade game setting, such as a matching game, a bingo game, or a team-based game.

Note - You only have access to this program as long as your passwords are active due to the fact that the program that makes the worksheets is on our main server in Chicago. Write an antonym word or phrase in another square. This works well as a group assignment.

21 Ideas for Teaching Vocabulary in the Classroom

Then focus on the 10 words with the most tallies as you analyze the selected text; they are most likely key words students need to vocabulary homework activities for 5th grade the content. Do this as a pre-reading activity. The unique worksheet design practically eliminates student frustration while also enabling students to quickly master important Phonemic Awareness skills.

Here is a resource you can use for any list. Word Sneak Based on the game played by Jimmy Fallon, this teacher created a fun Word Sneak game awesome for secondary students! Eye Spy Give students a list of words to search for in a text or have them find unfamiliar words. I like to have my students write a short paragraph sentences explaining their connections to the word.

If you would like to check out the rest of research essay vs report series, visit the posts below. They can pull them out of a hat. Keep calm, and practice on! Students read the word and then think of words that come to mind when they see that word this is awesome because it activates prior learning.

Frayer Model The Frayer Model is an oldie-but-goodie vocab activity model in which student work in multiple ways in a specifically laid out graphic organizer to engage with words. Scavenger Hunt Have a word scavenger hunt polar bear extinction essay books, magazines, articles on the net, or in the school or home.

Fifth grade Vocabulary Lessonplans, homework, quizzes

Begin by drawing on a bulletin board a large tree with roots, a trunk, and branches. It is easy to incorporate technology. What can students incorporate in their mind maps? Inspired and wanting more vocabulary ideas? Have teams read an assigned text together and place sticky notes near the 10 words they think are the most important.

5th Grade Vocabulary Worksheets & Free Printables |

Previously, I wrote about increasing vocabulary retention in the secondary classroom. IDEA 4: The Vocabulary Series This post is Part 3 of a four-part series on teaching vocabulary. Tips A good tip is to first ask students to circle any words on their vocabulary list that they cannot define on the spot — in that moment. If it is spelled wrong, correct it. IDEA Tally how many other groups selected each word.

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Invest in a set of inexpensive dollar store magnifying glasses to make this more game-like. Make their own sentences using their words 5 words min. Provide short stories then answer vocabulary comprehension questions. Vocabulary Photo Album Using a simple, inexpensive photo album, students create a visual glossary of key words. Have them write interview style questions using their words and ask up to 5 people how to make a cover letter with no job experience questions in class the next day then after you grade it, share some of the answers.

Write the essential characteristics of the concept of this word.


Word Wheel Copy and paste this image onto a sheet of cardstock and make a vocab spinner game. It appeals to students who are musical and visual by nature.

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Student Research 1. Your students can get as creative or as simplistic as they want with their sentences. Vocabulary Relay This is a different relay activity than the one above. Once again, forming connections vocabulary homework activities for 5th grade vocabulary words will help students remember them longer.

After identifying the words, the group goes back and uses context clues to hypothesize what the words might mean. Mind maps require students to engage with a word meaningfully from different angles for an extended period of time.