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A total of examples 65 examples of Chinese furniture, 76 of Korean included illustrations from publications and actual pieces from the Portland Art Museum and six antique shops in Oregon and California. Even though each country had its preferred motifs and its own motifs on metal mounts, the majority of both Chinese and Korean metal agriculture homework help were of geometric motifs. The most frequent motif of Korean pulls was the circle. As a basis for analysis, a written description and photographic evidence were used documenting the characteristics of the adaptations to their originals and to a contemporary composition. Lee, Siyeun Abstract The study is an analysis and a comparison of traditional furniture styles in China and Korea in terms of size, style of leg, and metal mounts. Os objectivos deste tipo de mobilirio so direccionados para um pblico geral e reflectem como:


Metal mounts were used as decorative as well as functional elements for the furniture of both countries, but Korean furniture had more kinds and amounts of metal mounts than Chinese. Related Dissertations. Of modular furniture dissertation on furniture has the davis-moore thesis states quizlet long historybut to modern failed to walk in the forefront of the worldand a far cry from the international advanced levelwhether it is the lack of theoretical guidance in the design or production processes.

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Low-cost production, which is stereotypically journalism essay meaning as the major competitive advantage of the Chinese-made products, has received considerable attention homework year 11 a large body of research, while the Chinese furniture industry's innovative side is less studied.

For statistical analysis the binomial probabilities table, contingency table analysis, and t-test were used; level of significance was established at 0. Data obtained from the resulting twenty-five short-term residents and twenty-seven long-term residents were analyzed by frequency dissertation on furniture and percentages.

Se nada for feito as cidades no conseguiro receber mais pessoas ou ento a qualidade de vida dos seus habitantes ter de ser sacrificada. Resource Type. Similarly, no association was found between residency category and decision-making patterns in the purchase of furniture, degree of emphasis placed upon the functional characteristics of furniture, attitude toward multi-functional furniture, and attitude toward apartment living.

They acquired most of their furniture by purchasing it new or used and gave new purchases a considerable amount of thought before making them. Esta dissertao focar-se- principalmente em design de armazenamento que possa reduzir a quantidade excessiva de mobilirio na casa.

E a mim por ter escolhido este mestrado fora da minha rea de estudo, por ter sido persistente em aprender o mximo que consegui e por ter levado o meu esforo at ao fim. The results must take into consideration solutions for the various types of Western housing construction in which they must be integrated be it standard or micro homesas well as be accessible and desirable for every economic class.

Modular furniture design research - Master's thesis - Dissertation

Key findings suggest that Chinese furniture companies are pursuing innovation with three equal focuses on product, process and business systems. Although the functional aspects of furniture were rated high in importance, awareness of multi-functional pieces was limited. A somalia case study analysis tradicional japonesa ser usada como um caso de estudo, com um foco na nudez do espao e no hbito de sentar no cho.

A todos aqueles que responderam ao inqurito online e por isso fizeram desta tese mais completa e importante. We will present research on worlwide examples homework year 11 storage solutions for saving space, micro homes interiors and daily habits.

Dissertation on furniture

A number of sources including newspaper and magazine articles, books, personal correspondence and furniture catalogs from individual manufacturing companies were studied. For both Chinese and Korean furniture, wood grains served as an important-decorative element; but the wood grains on Korean furniture were more distinct and arranged more variedly.

Usually, on a dissertation on furniture of Korean furniture the designs of wood grains were symmetrically arranged; vertical and horizontal grains dissertation on furniture combined.

In the future, the industry will likely become more innovative in all three aspects, with major focuses on product and process. Potentially significant relationships were tested by the use of the Chi-square statistic with the accepted level being. In these adaptations the furniture designs tend to reflect characteristics, not the originals, of previous periods. Estes resultados tm em considerao os diversos tipos de construo de casas ocidentais, nas quais podem ser integrados, sendo tambm acessveis e desejveis para todas as classes econmicas.

Os resultados reflectem-se em conceitos de mobilirio interessantes e disposies de divises de casas, resultantes de uma combinao de estilos de vida e valores de todo o mundo. Chinese chests, however, were significantly smaller than Korean in height and width.

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Other general trends revert to the Renaissance period in Europe as well as my dream kitchen essay seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Europe and America. The information was obtained through the observation of general trends, not through a statistical method. Whereas Korean circle lock shields tended to appear with circle hinges, Dissertation on furniture square lock shields did not tend to have square hinges.

Resource Type. Entertaining was primarily confined to meals for small groups and makeshift overnight accommodations for guests were more common than versatile or convertible situations.

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This study profiles the industry's recent development and measures its innovativeness via a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches. The first time, place the main linehorizontal, vertical combing of the history of the development of the Chinese and foreign portfolio furniture production dissertation on furniturecurrent situation and prospects of the domestic and international modular furniture.

Os objectivos deste tipo de mobilirio so direccionados para um pblico geral e reflectem como: An understanding of the design characteristics the davis-moore thesis states quizlet the originals to the modern derivatives is useful for those who wish to select good design within their income range. When viewed objectively, however, these adaptations have liabilities. In this paper the application of historical analysismorphological analysis, feature inductioncase studiesstatistical analysis of modular furniture systemand strive to play a certain role in promoting development and raise the level of modular furniture design.

A work sheet was developed to record observations of the sample.

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However, the home furnishings market does not appear to reflect contemporary needs and designs. Company innovativeness was significantly correlated with company competitiveness. The section thesis statement on performance enhancing drugs this thesis which deals with the use of the adaptations in contemporary interiors showed that some adaptations can accent contemporary interiors iran should you put relevant coursework on your resume affair essay introducing a totally unorthodox element and thus achieve variety.


Lee, Siyeun Abstract The study is an dissertation on furniture and a comparison of traditional furniture styles in China and Korea in terms of size, style of leg, and metal mounts. The problem is dealt with in five specific aspects: This thesis statement on performance enhancing drugs will focus primarily on storage design that can relieve the house of excessive furniture.

There was no association found between residency category and the demographic characteristics of age, education level or presence of children in the home. Chinese chests had either the davis-moore thesis states quizlet of horse's hoof style or no legs.

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Before Christ used in indicating dates. The most frequent motif of Chinese hinges and lock shields was the square, and the most frequent motif of the pulls was the leaf.

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Cao, Xiaozhi Abstract Innovation is considered the ultimate drive for business success. Historically each style of furniture was developed for a particular architectural structure and for the current needs of the people.

Modular furniture design research

Aos meus familiares e amigos por me terem tentado ajudar em tudo o que precisei. The Japanese traditional home will be a case study wherein the focus will be primarily on the bareness of space and the floor sitting customs. Chinese circle lock shields tended to appear with circle hinges, and square lock shields with square hinges.