Medical Problem Solving

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Others concentrate on experi- enced physicians and aim to produce an account of what makes expert performance possible. The introductory chapter tells the story of a patient called Anne Dodge. Were they all convinced the issue was psychological?


Criticisms of the hypothetico-deductive model were not long in coming.

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Medical problem solving: And what if the patterns or scripts stored in the individual knowledge base are in some way mistaken or faulty? Clinical practitioners, professional associations and medical educators are obliged to call this problem to the attention of policymakers.

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A basic science for clinical medicine 2nd ed. Academic Medicine, 74, Sā€”S This readable book gives some important answers to that question.

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Friedman, C. This practice should be especially effective with all kinds of images. An updated review of this extensive literature is beyond the scope medical problem solving elstein this paper.

Medical Problem Solving: An Analysis of Clinical Reasoning

But it is unlikely they will be as effective as proponents hope, because the biases are not simple knowledge deficiencies. Reasoning in medicine. Why did I miss the diagnosis?

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General internists and family physicians were the subjects, not specialists in the cases selected. The return of the hypothetico-deductive strategy.

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The question both he and Groopman ponder is, why did it take 3 years to find a surgeon who thought about the problem correctly? An earlier review of this project Elstein et al.

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Smith Eds. The importance of cognitive errors in diagnosis and strategies to minimize them. The search is typically for a satisfactory solution, within the practical constraints of the clinical environment, not necessarily the optimal solution.

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His personal experience seeking a diagnosis and treatment plan for this problem is a cautionary tale of diagnostic and treatment vari- ation. Use of standardized patients for teaching and assessing clinical skills. Medical Education, 41, ā€” Still, a more effective system may be just around the corner.

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The study of clinical performance. Integrating evidence and values. Newell and SimonNewell et al. Can-Heal Publications.

Medical Problem Solving

They entertain a limited number of hypotheses, but these are tested repeatedly during a workup. Elstein This case history of diagnostic variability leading to different treatment plans is likely to upset lay readers who might believe that there is little variation between expert physicians.

Medical problem solving: an analysis of clinical reasoning | Arthur S Elstein - Norman, C.

It turns out that the successful consultant had extensive prior experience with malab- sorption syndrome because he had done hawaii descriptive essay at NIH on that problem. Luke bryan research paper place more emphasis on knowledge structure and rapid retrieval than on formal reasoning processes. Heuristics and biases: The narrative now becomes a story of heroic rescue.

Springfield, IL: Past history and current trends.

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In my judgment, it has not worked out that way. Groopman has read widely about the acquisition of expertise, the role of pattern recognition, the importance of practice and feedback. The essay concludes with some suggestions to reduce the error rate in clinical diagnosis. Differential diagnosis and the competing hypotheses heuristic: The objective curriculum vitae italiano modello da compilare of expert diagnosticians was not significantly better than that of non-experts.

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However, pro- viding prompt feedback about predictions has proven to be a reasonably effective debi- asing procedure. Successful diagnosticians begin to form hypotheses almost as soon as they encounter a patient.

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Varieties of luke bryan research paper bias. Thoughtful physicians Groopman ; Kassirer and Kopelman have noted that time pressure is likely to further degrade performance: Performance of four computer-based diagnostic systems. De Groot, A. Available at www. Medical Education, 39, ā€” References Albert, D.

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To my knowledge, such a system is not yet available, but given the pace of development of computer applications, it would foolhardy to forecast the future. Hypotheses are gen- erated early, and expertise is acquired by repeated practice and feedback, especially about mistakes. Selected errors in clinical reasoning. His jaw fell slack.

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Of course there are tradeoffs: Busemeyger, R. Improving feedback to clinical practitioners may be the most effective debiasing procedure available.

  • That argument failed to deal with the question of how a physician determines whether or not a solution is satisfactory.

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