How to crack an interview at Mu Sigma?

Mu sigma problem solving round,

We thought we will not clear other rounds so planned to enjoy the movie clip, write something and go back to our classes and save our attendance percentage: Another interviewer came in now and he asked me why I'd taken mining engineering if I wanted to switch streams. Students from other colleges also participate in the drive. The group will be presented with a case study problem which the candidates will discuss among each other, and come to a single conclusion. But i desperately wanted to clear the online test atleast: Yes, they got selected.


I'm only half joking though. For laterals, the requisites are different from that of freshers.

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Their focus is on business insights through data analysis. Candidates who filter through the first stage go through an evaluation process that measures them on their ability to understand, interpret and synthesize information clearly. One need not know analytics, business etc etc to clear this round. This round generally takes places after the video synthesis round.

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Read more. Also, you have negative marking. But we waited almost 6 hrs for the discussion while we saw people congratulating some students.

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I decided to attend some 6 to 7 questions for which i knew the answers were right. Pre-placement talk, video synthesis round, problem solving round, group case study and mu sigma problem solving round final interview. The first round was what is called the MuApt Test. Apart from work, there are clubs that you can join. Focus on the first hurdle and deduce the possible solutions.

What is Mu Sigma Case Questions Round?

They are also gauged on group dynamics, while solving real world business problem, and creativity. Additionally, curiosity and a learning mindset adds to the success factor of the candidate.

It was a friendly chat about her hobbies and her vision for the future. Always follow the best practices of discussion with a group.

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Remember synthesizing is different from summarizing. Aditi studied engineering at the D. We had no idea of how the questions will be.

What does Mu Sigma Case Study Questions Round assess?

Trying to understand the real world problems in the given scenario and how possibly it can be eliminated should be your prime focus in this round. This part of the test is run by Cocubes Inc.

We thought we will not clear other rounds so planned to enjoy the movie clip, write something and go back to our classes and save our attendance percentage: The candidates are evaluated on their personality and extra-curricular achievements.

You could browse their website, blog most analytics companies have blogs, white premier thesis helmet review, etc along with their social media pages on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube some firms may have videos as well and scroll through their Glassdoor reviews.

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Sanghvi is the center for Bombay region. Group Discussion: As it was obvious those two people got selected for the interview.

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This is a means to understand their fitment into an open and dynamic work culture at Mu Sigma. She told me it's a management consulting company with a difference. I was fed up by trying one question which was on ages. What is it that they look for?

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Learning is more important than knowing. Preparing yourself will give you the much needed confidence and an extra edge to impress your interviewer as you will be well versed with the company. The message stated that we should report in 10mins. The feedback from the assessment card helps the recruitment team at Mu Sigma to understand the perception or impression the candidate tends to create in a group.

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Try to attend those questions for which you know you are giving the right answer. Video synthesis: The person who conducted our discussion gave us some biscuits to eat: I returned home.

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You're always encouraged to learn new things online and offline. This went on for about 10 minutes. Get a good puzzle book and crack as many as you can. So i just saw some English movie clips without subs and straightaway mu sigma problem solving round to college thinking that i should clear the video synthesis round atleast and go back home.

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And that's what pulled her through, even when she had no idea how to prepare. So anything that requires pattern detection is good preparation.

How to crack an interview at Mu Sigma?

Online test: I applied through my college. We waited all long but the talk started only at Problem solving: It was followed by the video synthesis. They must partner with an online travel booking site to increase the profit.

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Students from other colleges also participate in the drive. Around 3.